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Sunday, April 10, 2005

The wonderrrrrrrr of it all! Posted by Hello
As if the Foxwoods commercials couldn't get any weirder or more irritating, now they are filled with fucking leprechauns singing in a stupid brogue. It's like a bad dream. Between that and the endless Curt Schilling commercials, 2005 promises to be a very special year.
Last night's game was pretty unspectacular - at least from a Red Sox stand point. From a B-Jays stand point it was probably the high point of their fucking season: back-to-back-to-back home runs given up by Wells in the third inning and a grand slam given up by some schmoo from our bullpen in the eighth.

Concern #1: This is the second start in a row in which David Wells has sucked ass. His location is, er, less than pinpoint-accurate at this (early) stage in the season. Good news is, if he keeps this up the Sox might not have to pay him all that incentive salary. Bad news is, ball go bye-bye.

Concern #2: This bullpen is giving me 2003 flashbacks. Even Keith Foulke seems to have somehow morphed into Chad Fox. What's up? They've given up a hideous number of runs in just five games. We were thinking that John Halama could be the new John Burkett. Think again.

The line-up last night was all wacky last night due to an off day for Renteria (hey, hasn't he had enough of those already? ba-doom-chhhhhhhh I'll be here all week, ladies and gentlemen) and the fact that Johnny Damon had to get six stitches in his elbow where he cut himself on those fucking STUPID new scoreboards in the outfield. In other Johnny Damon news, I bet I'm the only Red Sox fan in the world that is sick to DEATH of seeing/hearing about that guy. I am. For real. I'm tired of all the fucking Johnny Damon talk. There. I said it.
Renteria is causing all my National League fan friends to clap me on the back and say things like "Renteria will come around - he's a good ballplayer, just you wait and see." And I have absolute faith that by the middle of May we will all have forgotten these first few weeks. But for now I've been watching him and Manny through a crack between my fingers with a hand over my eyes. Painful.

Rubber match with the Blue Jays today, ring ceremony tomorrow - life is good.