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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Nomar chilling in the infield during the Cubs' BP. Posted by Hello

Nomar taking BP. We were way out in right field and they wouldn't let us down by home plate without a ticket. Assholes. Posted by Hello

My friend Chris and I. I'm enjoying a licorice rope. Mmmmmm. Posted by Hello

Mark Prior warming up. He whipped the Reds' asses. Posted by Hello

Our man Wily Mo Peña again. Posted by Hello

Your quintessential Chicago Cubs fan. No comment. Posted by Hello

Incidentally, that particular Cubs fan was also brandishing a hot dog, claiming that every time he ate a hot dog the Cubs would get a home run. Other Cubs fans in the vicinity actually started to buy him hot dogs. The guy wouldn't shut up about it. Deeply weird. In any case, the Reds got pasted to the tune of 7-1, but it didn't matter since Chris and I were too busy sexually harassing Wily Mo Peña to care.

The Sox suffered a frustrating loss at the hands of the bullpen, squandering a hard-fought game by Bronson Arroyo and yet another homerun from Manolito (over the fucking light towers!!!!! SWEET JUMPING JESUS!) as well as Big Dada. Alan Embree came in a gave up a two-run homer, and then Keith Foulke allowed a hit to score what ended up being the winning run for the Blue Jays. Whatever magic Foulke possessed in October seems to be momentarily cashed as he has pretty much struggled thusfar. Disturbing. But it's still early. And hey, at least we're not the Yankees.

It is fucking AMAZING to witness the display of bad-assery that Manny is putting on right now, but I wish he'd slow the pace a little bit so that I have a chance to see his 400th career homerun when we go to Detroit on May 2nd. I'd cry happy tears.