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Friday, April 15, 2005

Mama I'm a Red Sox now!

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This was one of those games that seemed like a lifetime.

First of all, Mike and I chose our picks for Player of the Game. Mike went out on a limb and picked Jay Payton, while I doggedly chose Renteria again, having left Manny up on the cliff for the vultures. Imagine my disgust when Jay Payton hit a two-run homer in the second inning - not because I was upset about the Sox taking the lead, but rather I was dismayed about my chances at ever winning the Player of the Game contest. I mean, Jay Payton??? Just my luck.
But wait - not so fast. My pick of the game, Mr. Renteria, comes up to bat in the third inning and wouldn't you know that he hit a two-run Monster shot of his own?! My celebration over this small victory was only topped by Manny's pimp stroll down the first base line in Game 5 of the 2003 ALCS, and meanwhile Mike was giving me disparaging "Act-Like-You've-Been-There-Before" looks. Player of the Game status was all tied up. Meanwhile, the Sox had taken a nice 4-1 lead.

In the mean time, a wicked storm had been brewing in the game around mongoloid home plate umpire Greg Gibson or whatever the fuck his asshole name was. This guy brought the concept of incompetency to a new level. In the top of the fourth, Arroyo had loaded the bases on a base hit and two honest walks. Sheffield was up to bat. The count is loaded. Arroyo whips a nifty curveball in right over the center of the plate about belt-high...and that dumb fuck behind the plate calls it a ball. Beautiful pitch, beautiful location, yet in comes a run. Then Matsui follows with a two run single and A-Fraud with a one run single. And just like that the Yanks are up 5-4. Fuck Greg Gibson. Send that man a Febreeze martini on me. So not only are the Yankees now in the lead, but somehow Papa Jack has been thrown out of the game after having to be physically restrained by the other coaches. I was watching Tito try to shove Papa Jack away and becoming seriously stressed out about Tito's health. I actually started to yell for some other coaches to come in there and help him out. Which they did. But it was all in vain, since in the bottom of the very same inning Tito himself got thrown out for arguing balls and strikes - but not before giving that cockbreath Gibson an ear full.

Jason Varitek blasted a one-run homer waaaayyy the fuck over the Green Monster and now the score is tied up again. It stays that way for the next three innings. Meanwhile Randy Johnson (occassionally with the help of Greg "Pillowbiter" Gibson) has amassed nine strikeouts.

Bottom of the eighth. In comes Tom Gordon. Damon singles to lead off the inning. Then up comes my Pick of the Game, Edgar Renteria - also known as My Boy Edgar Renteria - who wastes no time in smacking a wall-ball double, scoring Damon from first and giving the Sox the lead again. Sound familiar? It's because Cabby did almost the exact same thing last year, hitting a wall-ball double to score Damon from first and win the game for the Sox, and both plays can rightly be considered the exact moment that Cabby and Renteria officially became Red Sox. Welcome aboard, Eddie! Manny "Mendoza Line" Ramirez followed with a fly-out to left field. Ortiz was intentionally walked. Millar flies out to left field and now Varitek is up. Tek smokes one down the right field line that starts to carom around like run is in...two runs are in...and next thing I know, Gary Sheffield is punching a fan in the right field stands. Supposedly the fan punched Sheffield in the mouth.

Now, I don't agree with fan interference or any type of violence on the field, especially directed at players. couldn't have happened to a better person.

The Sox hang on to win 8-5, even though Foulke tried his hardest to blow the game in the ninth by absolutely refusing to throw a first pitch strike. The Sox have finally won their first series of the season, and as the Devil Rays are coming into town I see nothing but blue skies in the near future.

Oh, and this makes it two games in a row for Millar:

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