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Monday, April 18, 2005

Jonathan and I went to the Reds/Astros game yesterday, and I have to admit that there is one person on Cincinnati's hick team that I secretly root for, and that is Wily Mo Peña. Ever since he came up on the big league team last year, Mike and I have been following his performance. We've even been calling one of our cats Wily Mo. (Don't tell anybody that, then people will think that I like the Reds when I definitely do not.) He's a young kid from the Dominican Republic with a lot of power but also a lot of room for improvement in the outfield. And he's got a knack for having a dramatic flair. Mike and I are both daydreaming about his eventual trade to the Red Sox. Wily Mo would be perfect in a Boston uniform: he consistently has a bad haircut, he always has some ghetto-ass batting music (yesterday it was Twista,) he's Dominican, and he has some dicey defensive work under his belt. I'm not going to lie - I lust after Wily Mo, in a strictly baseball sort of way.

Anyway, yesterday Wily Mo hit a three-run homer off of Astro's pitcher Brandon Duckworth that went 498 feet. 498. We were sitting out in left field, almost right behind Adam "Strikeout or Homer" Dunn, and this ball sailed over the section to the left of us and way back into the second tier bleacher seats. Holy shit. Then later, in the eighth inning, after the Reds' atrocious bullpen had allowed the game to become tied at 5, Wily Mo comes up and drives in the go-ahead run with a long, long double. I love this kid. Can you imagine what he could do if he were constantly around Manny and Ortiz?? And seeing as how the Reds have a penchant for trading away good young talent at the drop of a hat when they have their annual "Falling Out of Contention" sale in July, I'm sure Peña will be available. Um, as to where he'd play, I haven't figured that out yet. I just want him on the Red Sox.

Other things about going to the Reds game:

A smattering of Reds fans booed Ken Griffey Jr. when he was unable to get to a double that no one in the game could have caught, and I think that's pretty shitty. I mean, don't get me wrong - there are plenty of reasons to boo Ken Griffey Jr, most of which revolve around his salary and his never-ending stints on the DL - but to just boo him on a routine play...I was a little surprised to hear that. Booing your own team is so lame.

I can't stand the constant games and announcements that go on between innings at that ballpark. It's like they don't think we can be happy just paying attention to the game. Why do we have to watch a race between stupid animated baseballs on the scoreboard or vote on a "Song of the Game?" I understand doing goofy shit during the 7th inning stretch, but nowadays there isn't any time for goofy shit since for some reason we have to stand for America the Beautiful or whatever the fuck they're making us take our hats off for these days. It's getting sort of out-of-control. How about a nice round of "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" and then get on with the fucking game? Maybe I'm just a traditionalist. It was still fun, though.