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Friday, April 08, 2005

I had the good luck to go to Cincinnati's opening day game this past Monday. I say "good luck" because supposedly tickets to Cincinnati's opening day were the most sought-after tickets in baseball this year. Opening Day is always a big deal here in Cincinnati - the Reds were the first professional baseball team and therefore they always get to play their opening game at home. Plus everyone here is all excited because the Reds got Eric Milton and Ben Weber and they think (wrongly) that the Reds might finish higher than fourth place this year. But I bet that there were more than a few people there for the same reason that Mike and I spent $140 on two seats from a scalper: to watch Pedro Martínez. I could give two shits about the scumbag Mets (who got swept by the Reds, by the way,) and I have only a passing interest in the Reds, but Pedro is my favorite pitcher ever and probably always will be. It was totally worth the $140 to sit in the awesome seats we had and watch him pitch for three innings.

But why does he have to be such a douchebag?