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Friday, April 22, 2005

Clement pitched 8 scoreless innings for the Red Sox last night with 7 strikeouts, 8 hits and only 1 walk, which in itself is a victory of sorts for Clement. Kevin Millar doubled in the second inning and was later driven in by an RBI single from Ramon Vazquez (replacing the ailing Bill Mueller,) and that was the only run of the entire ballgame. I have to say that I'd never expect a game between the Sox and O's to turn into a pitcher's duel, since it seems like one or both teams always manages to put quite a few runs on the board, yet pitcher's duel it was.

Clement looked sharp. He's got so much movement on his stuff that it doesn't always hit the spot exactly where Varitek sets up his glove, but last night I thought his location was excellent. Which is probably why he only managed to walk one batter. Clement's opponent, Rodrigo Lopez, is usually one who gives the Sox starting lineup fits and last night was no different, although personally I think he had a little help from the homeplate umpire. Bob Welke's strike zone seemed to be about as consistent as a crackhead showing up to a day job, and it seemed to hurt the Sox more often than it hurt the Orioles. Manny and Ortiz were called out in consecutive at-bats on balls that appeared to be - at least from my comfortable view from my pillow - obviously outside the strike zone. Then Welke would turn around and call the same pitch a ball and cause Lopez to walk somebody. It was fucking retarded. But the Sox prevailed. I like to watch Clement pitch, but he is soooooo slow. He's slower than a drugged sloth tied to a glacier.

Manny was still in the lineup last night despite complaining of a sore left quad. What is it with this dude and his legs? Aren't they supposed to do like, workout programs over the off-season and like, stretching stuff before games to keep this sort of shit from happening? I mean, Manny complains about his legs every year. Usually around the All-Star Break, but I'm not trying to insinuate anything. Perhaps Manny would like to hire me as a volunteer leg rubber. No payment neccessary - believe me, the pleasure is all mine. Bill Mueller and Captain Tek both have colds, Mueller's bad enough to earn him a night off. And I've heard that Wade Miller is doing great in the minors and could be on the mound for the Red Sox as early as May 3rd. I can't wait to see what this cat can do. Only question is - who goes to the bullpen? Wakey or Arroyo? That's a tough one.

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