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Thursday, March 03, 2005

There are so many Sox blogs out there that I feel guilty that I don't really have time to read them all. I'm continually finding new ones that are interesting and well-written and whom I mean to put on my list of links over there on the left, but then I forget the URL and don't remember how to find it again and I somehow never get around to it because I suck. I plan on changing that.
But there are some blogs that I read every day, and because I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy today I want to give some props to some blogs I love, in no particular order:

1) Joy of Sox - This was the first Sox blog I ever read. Alan does an awesome job keeping up on Sox news, always coming up with tons of great links. I sort of miss the political commentary he used to do, since it was virtually my only current events source, but I still love him. One day, after we move to Boston (probably in August), I will find Alan and buy him a beer, cause doggonit, he deserves one.

2) Cursed to First - Aside from being the most talented writer in the Sox blogosphere (in my humble opinion,) Beth is a super cool chick to talk on the phone to. Her blog is always well thought out, and reading her descriptions of games wants me to quit blogging altogether since all I usually do is string a bunch of curse words together. Beth rocks. She, too, will get a beer one day.

3) East Coast Agony - Though not always the most regular poster in the world, BigK always makes it worth the wait. He almost always makes me laugh out loud at least once per post. And his blogging partner is a Mets fan, so it's always fun to read his posts about how horribly the shit is hitting the fan up in Queens. Can't wait to see how that Pedro thing pans out for him.

I have to go to work so the rest of this post must wait.