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Monday, March 28, 2005

more days until opening night!

One day I will heed the advice of my fellow bloggers and save my posts on the ol' clipboard before trying to publish only to have Blogger erase my (sometimes) hard work with an internal error. But until then, I'm just going to sit around and curse at my computer for fucking me over once again. Some people just never learn. But, since I don't have the fucking patience to retype this entry, this is what you get. I will probably be writing a Prediction Post sometime soon, but other than that I wouldn't expect too much activity over here until Opening Day because I'm sort of busy with several projects in my personal life right now.

Anastacio Watch 2005: Anastacio is currently competing with our very own Byung Hyun Barfbag for the last bullpen start. Martinez has a 5.73 ERA in 10.1 innings. BK is just an outright fucking douchebag. The choice is just that easy.

P.S. I should put an addendum on this post and say that there is more bad blood between my computer and Blogger than there is between A-Fraud and Arroyo, cause Blogger doesn't ever want to publish a damn thing I write. Haters.