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Thursday, March 24, 2005

I have to admit, I've been doing a shitty job keeping up with the world of baseball in general, and this blog in particular. I have virtually no idea of the goings on in the Major Leagues this past week or so, and I have only vague notions of how the Sox have been doing in their spring training games. I don't really know who has been cut and who hasn't, although I think that the Sox are now down to 31 players and that My Boy Anastacio still hasn't been sent down yet. My station partner saw footage of Curt Schilling pitching before I did. I haven't even been checking other blogs lately, or spring training photo galleries, or the Globe, or the Herald, or anything. I mean, what in the fuck have I been doing all week? Let me try and remember....

Nope. Nothing important or interesting. Some reading, some crossword puzzles, some CSI marathons on Spike TV. Sure, I watched a couple of spring training games when they were on or ESPN, but....

Somehow I remember being more grateful for spring training last year. This year I'm just sort of like "yeah, yeah, yeah, let's cut the crap and get to the good stuff, shall we?" I've only noticed a few minor differences between '04 spring training and '05:

1. In 2005, I find myself looking at Tito with a genuine affection, like seeing a cool uncle, instead of distrust and hatred, like seeing a picture of a convicted child murderer.

2. Edgar Renteria. Me likey.

3. This year whenever I see Manny my thoughts are dirty as in "God, his hair looks fucking nasty," instead of dirty like "I wonder what he'd look like in a thong made of cotton candy."

4. Last year I was wondering whether David Ortiz could maintain his badassery from 2003. Now I'm just sort of starting to take it for granted. I mean, the playoffs last year? Fucking brilliant. Ortiz is certainly headed for baseball Valhalla.

5. Seeing Pedro cut up with another team's mascot/catcher/players/fans is like seeing an old girlfriend at a bar or a club somewhere when she doesn't see you and watching her do cute little things that you thought were just between you and her to other strange people.

6. I have done a complete and total 180 degree turn around from being like "Oh wow, I'm so excited that Curt Schilling is on the team, I want to read everything he has to say because he's so cool and he's going to be real good for the team" to telling my husband that if he buys a Curt Schilling jersey that I'll never wear it. For real.

So, um, ya, I'll offer up a lame apology for having a very shitty blog lately, and I'm glad that people still check it now and then because I suck. Believe me, this hurts me worse than it hurts you, and all those platitudes. Ten more days until Opening Night.