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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

I have something awful to admit: I don't really enjoy Spring Training games. Yes, it's nice to see the veterans back after a long winter's offseason. Yes, it's really cool to watch some of the up-and-coming prospects do their thing (Juan Cedeno and Hanley Ramírez come to mind.) But overall, it's just not that great. Okay, and it was cool to see Edgar Renteria in a Sox uni for the first time. But other than those three things, spring training games pretty much suck. Oh ya, and it was also great to hear Remy and Orsillo for the first time since early October. (As my blog partner Paulie so eloquently said in a voicemail: "They're like Harpies, and I'm throwing myself against the rocks.") So other than those four things, Spring Training games suck. I mean, I almost don't even bother finding out who won and who lost. My friend Jonathan at work was like "Did you know that one of the Reds has the highest batting average in the league right now?" I dropped my paring knife and gave him a withering stare. "Did you know that it's only March?? Do you know what kind of pitching he's facing? Talk to me in August." With the rare exception of Hanley Ramírez's triple play (which pretty much made me want to touch myself in baseball-geek ecstasy,) I have finally realized that I don't really give a crap about spring training. Is that wrong? Is it un-fan-like for me to still be sitting here with my chin in the palm of my hand, staring glumly into nowhere, pining away for April 3rd? Mike and I have long talked about going down to Florida some year for Spring Training, but actually, I don't think I want to. For one, I'm not an autograph hound, nor am I one of those people who feel the need to talk to/touch/be around celebrities. What am I gonna say to these people that they haven't heard a million times already? "Hey, [insert geeky snort-laugh here] I really like the baseball team you play on, [snort-snort] you guys are like, so cool, [snort-sniffle.]" I mean, for real. I'd rather just leave those people alone. They get harassed enough. For a second thing, I hate - no, loathe - the state of Florida. For a third thing, Spring Training is, overall, pretty lame.

If I were a real baseball blogger, I would be using this month to talk about how the players who are trying out for the team are doing, how I think Tito should set the lineup, how annoyed I was watching Mark Bellhorn strike out three fucking times against the Yankees the other day. But, what can I say - I'm a hack.

In other news, it appears that Curt Schilling will probably not be ready for Opening Day after all. A bout of the flu is further impeding Schilling's progress, and therefore the possibility of David Wells being our Opening Day pitcher looms larger and larger (pardon the pun.) Personally, I think this is a good thing. If Schilling's overactive ego had led him to make the Opening Day start and to be injured come October I would have been a very unhappy camper. And, since Schilling is sick in bed, he won't be giving any interviews any time soon - bonus!