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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

I have absolutely NOTHING to blog about. I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate winter, and I hate hate hate hate hate Ohio in the winter - even more so than in the other three seasons of the year. I have decided that I'm wearing shorts on any given day from now on if I feel like it. I don't care if it's only 42 degrees outside. (My shorts only expose like three inches of my lower calf anyway because they're kinda droopy. Leann used to call them "shants," like "shorts" and "pants" combined, get it, get it??? hahahaha okay nevermind.) Anyhow, I have decided that I am wearing shorts and that it will be spring whether mother nature likes it or not, and if I look like a total retard wearing shorts, a hoodie and a stocking cap then I don't give a fuck. I HATE WINTER AND I HOPE IT fucking DIES.

But I love:

1. Feeling hot sun on my skin on a cloudless 85 degree day

2. Coming home from work and hearing Jerry Remy and Don Orsillo droning away on the TV in the living room

3. Turning the corner into the living room after work, drawn to Remy and Orsillo like a bum to a flaming garbage can, and seeing that the Sox are winning

4. Turning the corner into the living room and seeing that the Sox are winning by some ridiculous margin like 14-4

5. Watching Bugs Bunny cartoons, especially the one where Yosemite Sam rigs the piano up to explode when Bugs plays this little ditty, only Bugs never plays it right, so Sam, in frustration, shoves Bugs out of the way like "No, no, no, you stupid varmint! Like this!" and the piano explodes. I love that one! When I watch cartoons I laugh so much that my husband starts staring at me with this "I-Can't-Believe-I-Married-This-Woman" expression on his face. I can't help it - they're fucking funny. (This has nothing to do with summer but I still love it.)

6. Drinking a case of beer in the sunshine while shagging fly balls and coming up with stupid things to do like "Let's practice bunting today!"

7. Being slow at work and playing "Plastic Wrap & Cardboard Tube Homerun Derby"

8. Chilling on the fire escape. bonus: chilling on the fire escape when a friend drops by.

9. Having swamp-ass all day because work is so fucking hot and finally being able to go home and lay down on your stomach with your bottom bare and powdered up like a fucking baby with diaper rash. Trust me, it feels great. All hail cornstarch.

10. Having something to fucking blog about.