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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Erin go bragh and all that stuff! I will be wearing my Paul Pierce Celtics jersey today as it is the only green thing I own, but at least it is an appropriate green thing.

Right now I'm watching the Congressional steroid hearings. I am so. Fucking. Tired. of hearing about this whole mess that I hope they get it straightened out once and for all. I got into an arguement with someone about steroids last night which somehow denigrated into a yelling match about Pete Rose and whether or not he should be banned from baseball (always a touchy subject here in Cincinnati.) We also sat around and figured out the distance between first base and third base using the Pythagorean Theorum, and that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is why I love baseball. Think about all the great conversations baseball has given us throughout our lives! Whether it's baseball story time, like listening to my grandfather talk about Stan Musial and Bob Gibson, or just random, non-baseball chatter that occurs between my friends while we watch a game on television, talking about baseball and conversations during baseball are as much a part of the game as strike-outs and home runs.

Whether it's an arguement like whether or not Babe Ruth would be shit if he faced modern pitching, or Paulie calling me from Boston after the Sox won the '04 ALCS and holding his phone up so that I could hear the screaming people on the street; whether it's me nervously calling Beth from the runway at Newark airport to try to figure out if we were going to make it to Boston in time for Game 2 of the World Series or Jonathan trying to make me laugh during the tense moments of ALCS game 6 by doing his impersonation of Joe Buck's screams of agony as he is thrown down a flight of stairs; listening to chef - a Frenchman - talk about how boring and un-athletic the sport is; singing with Lacey all the way home from a Sox game in Cleveland to keep ourselves awake, making up baseball lyrics to old songs like "The Twelve Days of Manny." All of these great conversations baseball has given to me - up to and including this conversation we have together in the form of this blog!

What a great fucking sport!