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Friday, February 11, 2005

Well, aren't all you New England types just lucky as all get-out with your fancy-pants ALCS re-runs. I bet you think you're sooooooooooo smart, don't you? I bet you're having just a wonderful, gay old time watching your baseball and scoffing at me, the unlucky denizen of Ohio who, instead of getting to relive with you your fabulous baseball memories, lives in a Red Sox-less exile, forced to endure conversations about how Eric Milton is going to propel the Reds past the Cardinals this year. (Ahem, not a chance.) Well....fine. Fine. But just know this. You're not the only one who can watch the ALCS over again. No sir eee. I could watch it too 'cause I have them on tape so HA! Except we taped over games 1, 2 and 3, and we didn't even bother taping game 4. And then Game 5 was so long that the tape ended and we were forced to start taping over the beginning of the game, so if you watch it now you see the last two innings first, and then the middle eight innings, which is pretty dumb. So really we only have Games 6 and 7 in their entirety. So, uh, that's pretty half-ass, I guess.

But, I ask you - can any of you watch David Ortiz's Easter walk-off homerun against the Blue Jays? Can you watch the Sox/Dodgers game with Pedro on the mound featuring Pokey's amazing, sky-scraping play at second base? Can you watch the mid-season Rangers game with Trot Nixon dropping a vicious elbow on the Pedro Martínez bobblehead doll? Or how about Game 5 of the 2003 ALDS? Or Cabby's walk-off homer against the Orioles? Can you watch that? HUH? Well I can, so there. I bet NESN won't be replaying THOSE games any time soon. You'd have to know someone as cool as ME who had the foresight to tape all those games and be able to go over to MY crib and watch them. Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it!

Now then, that's said...