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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Gnarly work injury that is healing improperly. Posted by Hello

Nathan (a.k.a. Sugar Sheatzley) trying to figure out what the fuck it is.Posted by Hello

This is the unfortunate thumb of one of my sous chefs, Frakes (also known as "Poopsie" or "ShitCurtain.") Frakes nearly lopped the corner of this particular digit off with his brand new knife and tried to coerce the piece left hanging off to grow back on...obviously it's not working out for him. Anyhow, when Mike got home from work last night he told me how fucked up Frakes' thumb was, so I was pretty excited to get a peep at it tonight. Fortunately for you all, I had my camera with me. Frakes gets all the good injuries.
Incidentally, Frakes is the originator of the Rally Cuff. He's the one who started doing it, and for this reason he has most of the good rally cuff only works for me sometimes. Here's another picture of Frakes for your edification:

Frakes is on the left. The one on the right is my other sous chef, Jonathan. Bet they're glad they let me take this picture now. We're all trained professionals - please don't try this at home. Posted by Hello