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Friday, February 18, 2005

First of all, let me preface this with a short apology to those of you who post comments on this blog. I don't exactly know what the comment protocol is, but I get worried that I'm supposed to respond to the comments people leave me, but I'm always at work when people are leaving them since I have a scum-bag second-shift gig. So, thanks for the comments, and I'm sorry that I'm not around until 11pm to respond to them, but I appreciate your readership.

Anyway, back to baseball.

Weird. Just weird.
But at least Boomer seems to be an honest dude. When asked about how he ended up on the Boston Red Sox after his years of tenure as a Yankee pitcher, Wells said this: "...Then Theo [Epstein] called me the next day and asked if I was interested in coming to Boston. I told him, `I don't know. I'd have to think about it.' Fact is, I've never said anything good about it. I've always been an archrival. We sat and talked over the phone and worked it out." I like that he didn't just show up with a bunch of ingenious comments about how excited he was to add to the rivalry and all that crap. I might not like David Wells, but at least he's keepin' it real.

Wells also added to what the New York Daily News referred to as a "pile-on assault against Alex Rodriguez" by the Red Sox: "[Rodriguez] is a five-tool player. He's one of the best out there. But I remember reading his press conference when he went there. He said a `we' in his conference, like he's won three or four rings with them, and he hasn't. That kind of disturbed me . . . He shouldn't put himself in that category, like he's been there the whole time. He's got to earn it." Basically, A-Rod, what everyone is trying to tell you is that you're not cut from the same pinstriped cloth that the rest of your Yankee "buddies" are. (I would venture to suggest that this lable of unworthiness would also extend to Gary Sheffield and Kevin Brown, put unfortunately no one has piled on them yet. I've got a pile for you right here, assholes.) I love this line of attack because it probably pisses A-Rod off more than anything. He wants so badly to fit in, but his insecurity takes the form of arrogance and outright vanity, and he keeps putting off the very clique to which he's trying to belong with his self-obsessed bullshit.

Unfortunatly, Terry Francona does not enjoy the A-Rod bashing as much as I do, and has talked about having a team meeting with the goal being to stop the shit-talking. I see his point. Talking smack is pretty unprofessional and uncalled for...but A-Rod is so weak and slimy, and his come-backs suck. When you run across a dude like that it's like blood in shark-infested water...Francona also wants to get Bill Belichick down to Florida to talk to his team about the pitfalls of defending a championship, which would be, like, way cool.

And speaking of shit-talking, Curt Schilling wasted no time in opening his big yap as soon as pitchers and catchers reported. In summary: "Blah blah blah my ankle blah blah Randy Johnson blah blah blah more subtle slams at Pedro blah blah blah." I don't know to whom exactly the "how long before I have to stop listening to you" shirt was aimed, but I commiserate.

p.s. I scored a 156 on the Sleeze Test. My blog partner, Paulie, scored a 162. I know what makes up our difference, and while I can't disclose it fully, I've got one word for you, Paul: Amsterdam.