The Boston Red Sox: Defenders of the 2004 World Championship!! "Whoever plunges into his experiences with the momentum of hope, will remember so that he cannot forget." - Soren Kierkegaard.

Monday, February 07, 2005

A Dynasty is Born.

My grandpa is 84 years old, and if you get him talking about sports, he'll tell you some pretty cool stories. Last time we were talking about baseball he was reminiscing about all the great Cardinals teams he had seen over the years and how much he loved watching Stan Musial play. If I ever have kids, and if they ever have kids, then I'll be telling my grandkids about Tom Brady's Patriots and the year the Red Sox finally won the World Series. That's how cool this year has been in the world of sports. I mean, can it get any better than this? What next - are the Celtics gonna win, too? I do believe that would signal the opening of the Seventh Seal and the true start of the Apacolypse.

So. The SuperBowl is over, another happy ending for the Patriots. Now begins the long, agonizing wait for Spring Training. This is the time of year where I start to get desperate. Cold weather, no baseball, short daylight hours, college basketball...ugh. I'm dying for some 80-degree weather, a little sunshine, and my nightly sermons at the Church of Baseball conducted by the Reverend Jerry Remy. Opening Day is still almost two months away, and how sweet it will be.

Looking ahead, 2005 seems to be shaping up as a pretty interesting year. First and foremost I am interested to see how the rotation pans out. There are a couple of question marks that could either turn out to be brilliant (Wade Miller comes back to full strength and turns into a legit No. 2 behind Schilling,) or terrible (David Wells throws his back out getting down off a bar stool.) Then there is Matt Clement, who will also be interesting to watch. The guy has a lot of potential, but switching from the NL to the AL is pretty tough. And while we're talking about the starting rotation, it's going to be very, very strange when I finally realize that Pedro is no longer in it.

My second thing that I'm looking forward to is watching Edgar Renteria. Yes, we're paying the guy way more than he is worth. However, I like his type of ballplayer - contact hitters who can flash some leather. Homeruns are great and dramatic, but good defense is bad ass. I'm looking forward to watching Renteria do his thing.

And then there are the little things. Will Bellhorn have a year comparable to 2004? Will Trot stay healthy for the majority of the season? Will Manny still be wearing the dead octopus hairdo? Is Kevin Millar really going to show up to spring training in shape? It's so hard to have to wait!!