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Friday, February 25, 2005

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Some screen shots from the new MVP 2005 on PS2. Posted by Hello

WARNING: This game will make you FIEND for Opening Day.

This videogame shit keeps on getting more and more realistic. This game has everything. The rosters are up to date (with a few exceptions, like Sosa still being on the Cubs.) The batters swing like their real-life counterparts. The pitchers wind up and follow through like their real-life counterparts. Every ballpark is amazingly detailed. (Except on the Green Monster, instead of the Jimmy Fund thing it says "World Series Champs" on it, and hey - that wouldn't be a bad idea for a year!) And did I mention that our very own Manny Ramírez is on the cover? Another cool thing about MVP 2005 is that you can play it two player, but only if you have a special adapter, which we don't. My husband and I have just been taking turns each playing an inning apiece, and it works out fine. I hit a grand slam over the Green Monster with Trot last night, and struck out the side once with Curt Schilling. (We're still learning.) It's super cool. The only bad thing is that if you don't pull your runners up at first base, sometimes they slip into some sort of "Manny Mode" and just keep running, which sucks if you are in "Manny Mode" yourself and are giving high-fives to your husband over your base hit instead of paying attention to the game. And also, since Kevin Millar isn't allowed to be in any of these games, they just made some guy up to fill in for him, and it happens to be a thin, brown-skinned guy with a blonde goatee named Anthony, which is sort of funny. All in all I have to give this game two guns way up and recommend it highly if baseball video games are your thing. If they're not, better not try to come over and hang out for the next two or three months.