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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

YAAAAAAAAAAAAY I've finally got my new monitor and I can now pick up where I left off a week ago, happily blogging away in the (relative) safety and comfort of my own home, with my own music (Tego Calderon,) my own munchies (trailmix,) and my own beverage of choice (Dewars on the rocks.) Now that I see this nifty new monitor we have I realize that our other one had been dying a slow and painful death for a long time and we just didn't realize it. Asi es la vida.


Looking back on it, I realize that this blog has pretty much sucked ass for the past two months, and I apologize. Some of the circumstances leading up to me being an irregular and/or shitty poster were out of my control, but I'm not trying to make excuses. I henceforth and without further ado do hereby promise to be a more regular blogger, with more worthwhile and interesting things to say (which will generally fall in line with the chosen content of this blog, in general the sport of baseball, in specific the Boston Red Sox.) I furthermore do promise to spend less time fucking around at work making all that money since the busy season is now over, and more time reading about, pondering, and pontificating upon our Great National Past Time in between episodes of CSI. From here on out I will no longer slack. I have an abundance of free time, and I will use it in the right way.

By finding pictures of Manny Ramírez's hot ass wife.

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