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Friday, January 28, 2005

Took out my braids. I look ridiculous. Thought I'd share before I take a shower. Posted by Hello

Um, is it spring training yet? Posted by Hello

Wow, that's about as girly as I think I've ever looked. Gross.

Anyway - thanks to someone for letting me know that El Guapo hasn't been kidnapped but has merely been vacationing on the beach for ten days. Which is a hell of a lot better than him falling victim to some sort of "Romancing the Stone" type of deal wherein he is in the hands of a bunch of cutthroat Colombians who are threatening to feed his hands to alligators, only to be rescued by Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner, who have spent the previous two weeks machete-ing their way through jungles and high-heeled shoes ("Now they're practical") and throwing huge bags of pot onto bonfires in the backs of crashed drug-running planes filled with dead pilots and snakes.