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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

So what's been going on since last I made a serious entry? Well, there's the Randy Johnson thing. If you don't know by now that RJ has been signed by the MFYs then who picked up the fucking rock and let you crawl out? It should, of course, be pointed out that signing one player does not a World Series victroy ensure, but it definitely makes the Yankees better on paper. However, it also makes them older. Is there any Yankee starting player under 30? I know that the Sox aren't much better, but seriously. The Yankees are just getting silly old. Their failure to sign Beltran means that Bernie Williams will see more playing time in center field next year even though it would probably serve the team better to put him out to pasture as a DH. I just saw on ESPN that Giambi is "healthy" and ready to go to spring training as a Yankee, and I'm sure we'll all be excited to see how much more weight he has redistributed by March. Tony Womack, the poster boy for the Fraternal Order of the Old and Broken Down, will be manning second base. Um, did I mention Kevin Brown is still in the starting rotation? But enough of that. We all know the Yankees will give us a run for the money next year.

Then there was the whole Mientkiewicz/ball situation...I'd like to think that if I made $4 million a year I'd take the moral high road and just give the ball to the Hall of Fame or whatever, but hey. I'm not in his shoes. And I'm not a memorablia buff, so really, who gives a fuck. It's just a baseball. I'll say this, though: please, Theo, bring back Millar in 2005. If Millar comes back and Mientkiewicz goes along his merry little way, that means that all three players that I disliked from the 2004 squad will be gone...which is small recompense for losing all the players that I really loved, but hey. I gotta cling to something.

And speaking of not missing someone, Derek Lowe is headed for the Dodgers. It feels a little ingrateful to diss someone who won three clinching games for the Sox in the playoffs - a wonderful acheivement that I would never try to strip from even my worst enemy - but to be totally honest, I just didn't like him. So bye-bye Derek Lowe, my hanky remains dry.

And finally. Fuck Vanderjagt. I'm off to work.