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Friday, January 21, 2005

Okay, I'll grudgingly admit that there is one cool thing about Cincinnati. They had the first professional baseball team in the history of the game, and for this reason, every year the Reds get to play their first game of the year at home. This used to be the opening game of the entire season, but that went by the wayside some years ago. This year they will have their traditional Monday Home Opener on April 4th, the day after the season officially kicks off with a good ol' Sox/Yanks game on good ol' Sunday Night Baseball. But guess who will be on the mound pitching for the opposing team at the Great American Ballpark on Opening Day? Pedro J. Martínez, in all likelyhood. And I'm gonna be there, and I'm gonna wear my Sox jersey, and I'm gonna cheer that motherfucker on.

I mean, why not? I've come to grips with things. I've adjusted. It's sad that Pedro couldn't salvage a little dignity or self-respect on his way out of town, but that doesn't make the last three years of idolizing him worth any less. The only way I was not going to continue to follow his career was if he went to the MFYs, at which point he would have become as dead to me. But he went to the Mets, a team with some of the worst uniforms in baseball (above only any club with the color Expansion Team Teal in their unis,) and therefore I feel comfortable being able to root for his success.

So Mike and I have worked it out that I'm going to get up and go down to the park at six or seven in the morning on Feb. 19 and wait for the box office to open while Mike gets on the computer and tries that way, and I figure somehow we should be able to get tickets. And I'll go cheer Pedro on...although he will be in a strange uniform...with a strange catcher behind the plate...coming from a strange city.............gag................