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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

I got a new haircut. So Paul, here is the picture you were asking for!Posted by Hello

While I was at the bar getting this done my good friend and co-blogger Paulie called me. I was like "Dude, I'm at Barleycorns getting my hair braided!" and we went on to have (two) fairly lengthy conversation(s), and meanwhile I'm clenching my hands into fists to keep from making any sounds into the phone that would relay at all the level of discomfort I was feeling. Everyone told me that after you get your hair braided that your scalp hurt because your hair was being pulled so tight. That part's not so bad - right now, the morning after, it's like a very low-level throb which is only noticeable if I think about it. But actually getting the shit braided was pretty, just imagine someone pulling the short hairs around your ears and neck really hard for about two hours and that's what it was like. But no pain no gain. I think it's pretty cool. I've got mad product in it right now to help it stay together because my hair is so short, but in a couple of months it will be long enough to stay in on its own.

Anyway, back to baseball. Goodbye and good riddance to Doug Mienkiewicz - it's Millar time once again! I'm so glad that Theo et. al. decided upon this course of action. There's no way that Mientkiewicz could ever fill Millar's shoes in any areas of Kevin's expertise like growing creative yet ugly facial hair, tawlkin' like a hillbilleh, wearing mirrored sunglasses, wearing socks pulled up so high that you can see the stirrups, taking whirpool baths with Manny (supposedly with their sliding shorts on, but I think we all know better,) and generally being the loudmouth dirtbag that I've come to love so much, need I even dip into the statistical offensive gap between the two. So Mientkiewicz: take your baseball and your annual six homeruns and get the fuck out of here.

Only 22 days until spring training and it can't come fast enough.

Every time I get on a good roll when I'm typing, the Pedro Martinez World Series Bobblehead we have - complete with Jericurl and trophy - starts nodding furiously. It makes me laugh.