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Friday, December 10, 2004

Winter bites. Posted by Hello

Why, you ask?

1. No baseball. Not even any baseball news so far, except for the Mentai signing (good move) and the Yankees signing Jaret Wright (who gives a shit. Dude has a less-than-stellar 7.88 ERA vs. Boston and has never gotten a win against them...not to mention his 0-2 record against the frickin Blue Jays with an 11.70 ERA. But maybe those numbers were from back when he was with the wait, wasn't he supposed to be good back then?)

2. Work. For those who are blessedly uninitiated to the food service industry, the holidays are the busiest time of the year in most cities. Everyone and their fucking grandma is going out to dinner to celebrate. Offices are having their Christmas parties. Families are coming into town who need to be entertained. This means 55-60 hour, 6-day work weeks for yours truly. Don't get me wrong, I love the cash. And I love my job. But when you go to work at 12 in the afternoon and don't get home until after ten o'clock at night, it doesn't leave much room for things like "christmas shopping," "cleaning the house," "doing the laundry," "making the blog entries." All it makes room for is piling a bunch of smelly, stressed out line cooks in your living room, buying 40's from the convenience store across the street, and playing videogames all night long until you inevitably get too drunk and start an arguement about work which gets everyone pissed off and causes one of your sous chefs to leave the house abruptly after threatening to bash a bottle over a cook's head. Merry Fucking Christmas.

3. Did I mention no baseball? Football is cool, but it's not baseball. Not by a long shot. I have been enjoying this football season, however, especially this past week since the Bengals are set to play in New England this sunday. There is absolutely no end to the trash talking. People here actually think that a) the Bengals are a "dangerous team" right now, b) they're on a "roll" now that they finally got their first road win against a winning team since 1990. That's right. 19-fucking-90. and c) they stand a very good chance of handing the Patriots their first loss at home in something like two years. They stand a snowflake's chance in HELL of winning that game, and I stand a very good chance of getting drunk for free at the bar that day since I will be winning all of my friends' money.

4. Our heater is broke. And the landlord wants to know when she's going to get the rent check. Ya, right. You'll get the rent check when the Bengals beat the Patriots.

5. I was going to keep going with this list, but now I have to go to work, please see #3 for cross referencing purposes.

6. Sign Petey.