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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Will the Sox be better than the MFY as far as pitching staffs are concerned? Both teams have re-tooled their pitching staffs, and I thought I would take a look at it. (I actually just mistyped and put "tit" and kind of enjoyed it.)

Here is how I see it breaking down:

1. Schilling - Johnson: even. Schilling is younger, Johnson is a lefty, Johnson's era is better, Schilling is the best big game pitcher on the planet. This could go on for a while.

2. Miller - Mussina: even. Mussina has been going down hill every year as he is getting older. Miller is coming off an injury, but when healthy is an ace on any staff without Schilling or Johnson.

3. Wells - Pavano: slight edge to Wells. Wells has pitched effectively under a lot of pressure as a Yankee. He has played in front of bad defenses, small parks, and is great in the postseason. Pavano is switching leagues. He was alright in the postseason with the Marlins. He is a pitcher that survives on the defense behind him (kind of like Lowe). He is coming from one of the best defensive clubs in baseball to one of the worst. He is going from a pitcher's park to a hitter's park. He is going from the offensively inept NL to face the big guns of the AL. Plus the DH.

4. Clement - Wright: slight edge to Clement. Wright has had no success in the AL and is coming off a career year under the best pitching coach ever in Atlanta. Although Clement is switching leagues, he has been improving each year.

5. Arroyo - Brown: Brown. Arroyo is getting better. He was great during the second half of last year. Brown is always injured but has also been dominating.

Here is the statistical breakdown of the pitchers both us and the MFY have signed (not traded for). Note: I think the K/BB stat is very important in the AL. If you walk batters, they make you pay.

Carl Pavano
Last three seasons: 36-31, 4.15 era, 2.53 K/BB
Career: 57-58, 4.21 era, 2.28 K/BB
Signed: 4 years, $40 million

Jaret Wright
Last three seasons: 14-13, 8.78 era, 1.49 K/BB
Career: 15-8, 5.09 era, 1.54 K/BB

Wright has actually gotten worse over his last three seasons. If you take out his year with the Braves (2004), his numbers for 2001-03 look like this:

6-10, 9.86 era, 1.02 K/BB (yup, that's 1 K for every BB).
Signed: 3 years, $21 million

David Wells
Last 3 Seasons: 46-22, 3.87 era, 4.38 K/BB
Career: 212-136, 4.04 era, 3.07 K/BB
Signed: 2 years, $8 million

Wells has been better over his last 3 years AND career than Carl Pavano. His is older, but more experienced, cheaper, and seasoned.

Matt Clement
Last 3 Seasons: 35-36, 3.80 era, 2.39 K/BB
Career: 69-75, 4.34 era, 1.89 K/BB
Signed: 3 years, $25.5 million

Not great numbers, but he has shown improvement.

Wade Miller
Last 3 Seasons:36-24, 3.59 era, 2.03 K/BB
career: 58-39, 3.87 era, 2.15 K/BB

And finally, for shits and giggles, Schilling vs. Johnson, last 3 years:

Schilling: 52-22, 3.15 era, 5.39 K/BB, not quite a Hall of Famer
Johnson: 46-27, 3.06 era, 5.31 K/BB, Hall of Famer

What does all this mean? From a statistical standpoint the Sox made better signings. The Sox won the World Series last year while the MFY had a better rotation April 1. Oh, and for all of those "Schilling and Miller both got injured last year" crap, Johnson was injured 2 years ago and won the Cy Young. Pedro had the same injury that Miller had and bounced back and was in the top 3 for Cy Young voting the next year.

I am a Sox fan and an optimist so I think they will do better than the MFY. Both teams are so equal (If the MFY get Johnson), it is all going to come down to chemistry. The Sox have it, the MFY don't.

A Long Overdue and Mushy Post About VTek

Given all the rigamarole going on due to the holidays, I was never able to make a post that properly gushed over the re-signing of Jason Varitek. It was an event deserving of celebration and sappy, sentimental outpourings. For various reasons I wasn't able to post about it, but now I plan to make up for lost time.

Some of my more vivid memories of the man we call VTek or sometimes JVT - or sometimes simply Tek - are how he kept hitting homers whenever I would go to the
bathroom during 2003, how he dropped to his knees on the field after the Sox won the World Series, how he shoved his glove right in A-Rods purple-lipped fucking face to
turn the 2004 season around for teammates and fans alike. But by and large, I think Tek has been a little under-appreciated by yours truly - perhaps a little taken for granted. He is the bedrock upon which every Red Sox team has been built for the last five years or so, yet maybe I haven't given him all the props that he is due. I'm not talking about the "shout-outs-in-my-blog-for-a-good-play" props, I'm talking about the "sitting down in my chair watching the game and idly musing about how fucking great that Jason is" kind of props. Like a baby, my attention and imagination are captured by flashy, colorful things - like Manny's over-abundance of personality, Pedro's vitriole, Trot's WWF-interview-esque ferocity, JD's laid-back, pothead elan. Varitek is much more down to earth than all of that. He says all the right things. His appearance is stalwart and professional. His physique fits his role - the Atlas that shoulders the weight of an entire 25-man roster. In Varitek the Red Sox have a switch-hitting catcher capable of hitting around .300 with 20 homeruns who is a veritable genius at handling a pitching staff, and who is so consistent and reliable that I didn't know what we had...until it was almost gone.

When Varitek and the Evil Scott Boras first made public their desire to have a contract worth $50 million over five years with a no trade clause, I wrote Tek off as a resign and started focusing more on the Pedro Martínez negotiations. I was more upset about the possibility of losing Pedro, and I thought his return was more of a sure thing. Yet while Pedro and Fernando Cuza were busy double- and triple-crossing the Red Sox and the Mets out of every possible cent they could get their fingers on, Varitek had told the Evil Scott Boras that he didn't want to be contacted by any other teams until the January 8th negotiating deadline with the Sox had passed, such was his committment to returning to the team. Personally, I think that a five-year contract with a 33-year old pitcher is a little risky, and that $10 million dollars a year is a lot of money to pay a catcher who isn't a statistical clone of Carlton Fisk or Johnny Bench, but if there was one free agent that was worth overpaying for it was Varitek. (Not Renteria, cough cough.) Theo and Co. seemed to agree, and were able to meet in the middle to strike a deal for $40 million over 4 years. Not too bad for one of the top five catchers in the game who just happens to be the unofficial team captain. Wait. Make that OFFICIAL team captain. When Tek takes the field next year, there will be a red "C" on the upper left side of his jersey to confirm what we all already knew: This is Tek's team. And I'm damn glad to have him back.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Remember that break I was threatening to take until the holidays were over? This is it. I'm sorry about the lack of posting, but I have a post in the I just need the time to write it all out! Until then (hopefully shortly after New Years) I'll be cooking and sleeping and drinking overly caffeinated everything. Adios.

Friday, December 24, 2004

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Thursday, December 23, 2004

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Snow Day. Posted by Hello

Some pictures from our window overlooking Main St in downtown Cincinnati. That little storefront in the lower left of the bottom picture is what we call the "40oz. Store." It's the local bodega which doubles as both beer store and crackhead hangout.
Anyway, thanks to Mother Nature, I got to sleep in today. Our restaurant was closed for lunch due to the fact that Cincinnati is such a poorly run city that no snowplows or salt trucks have been through downtown yet. It was like being a kid on a snow day. Una cosa buena.
The Red Sox signed Wade Miller to a one-year, $1.5 million deal with up to $3 million in incentives. Miller had won 45 games over 3 seasons before he was brought down last year by a rotator cuff injury. Miller is expected to resume throwing in January and should be ready for the start of the season. I think this was a great move by Theo. I'm finally starting to feel a little more at-ease with the guys that will be showing up in Florida in february, even though I'm still a little weirded out by having to cheer for David Wells.
Oh well. It could be worse. I could have to cheer for Javier Vazquez, hehehehehehe.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

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Monday, December 20, 2004

I'm taking a break.
Just to let all three of my regular readers know: I'm taking a little hiatus from blogging for awhile - probably just until the end of the holidays. The main reason is because I will be working an insane amount in the next two weeks, and the hours of the day not taken up by work will be spent either sleeping, getting drunk, or in the company of family. Second reason is, I suck at off-season blogging, because I just don't have the time to do all the research and shit that I would like to do, and I just can't make another post about how sad I am over Pedro's departure. Third reason is I'd like to take a little time off to reflect about things, maybe get some sort of game plan together for this blog in 2005. I've been doing it for over a year now, and I'd like to not really reinvent this blog, but rather take some time to think about an overall picture of how I want things to be, instead of just sitting down at the keyboard and ranting about whatever catches my fancy that day.

So, happy holidays and all that crap. I'll be back soon. As Woody Guthrie said: Take it easy but take it. -sarah

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Celebrity Death Match This shit is just getting silly. Why doesn't everyone involved just shut the fuck up? Hey Pedro, way to poop on your legacy, pal. Is it not enough that I have had to watch my baseball hero bail out of Happy Airlines Flight 2004 with a golden parachute strapped to his back - do I really have to hear the shit talking? Hey Pedro, I can talk shit too: I've seen crackheads outside of blood banks with better hair-dos than you. You have a fake grill. You sit/talk/run like a gay man. Your brother looks like Charlie Murphy. Nice ERA last year. Way to throw an old man down. But talking shit doesn't make me feel any better about the situation, and I doubt it makes Pedro feel any better either. It just makes him sound like one of the most bitter men alive. He made his bed, he can now don his silk-and-gold-brocade pajamas and lie in it.
In other, more merry news, the Sox signed Matt Clement. If you combine Clement and Wells' numbers from last year and compare them to Pedro and Derek Lowe's numbers from last year, the Clement/Wells duo is actually better. Apparently Theo & Co. aren't asleep at the wheel after all.
Shit. I gotta go to work.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Me and my station partner. Isn't work fun? Posted by Hello

1. Edgar Renteria: Overpaid. But sounds like my kind of player. I'm sure I'll have some stupid nickname for him before the third week of the season is over.

2. Randy Johnson to MFYs: Would rather be the Diamondbacks in this deal. File under: who gives a fuck.

3. Is Theo just cooking up something so crazy that I can't even imagine it at this point, or is he having an off off-season?

4. Is it right to worry about off-season moves when my team just won the World Series?

5. Life in a professional kitchen the week before Christmas:
- I come into work on Tuesday (I think...the days are all running together for me at this point,) and a "water" pipe has burst somewhere in the restaurant, causing the ENTIRE basement and lower kitchen to smell literally like shit. Water pipe? Methinks not. Try "sewer pipe." So while all of us upstairs cooks are studiously prepping in the downstairs area while the lunch cooks upstairs finish up, all of the sudden, the lights go out. Now we are prepping in near total darkness. On top of an overwhelming odor much like someone had just taken a shit on our upper lips. Did we even pause? Did our knives even stop moving? Did we even try to go find a manager? No. No, we did not. We just looked around at each other, shrugged, laughed a little, and carried on. It's sick. But we really didn't. No one moved from their cutting board. When a manager finally did come to fix the fuse, they had to carry a flashlight with them to see. Fucking ridiculous. I should have listened to my mother.
- Fun At Work: My sous chef kept pretending like he was going to strangle me, so I told him to go ahead and try until I told him to stop. Dumb idea. Much like the time I let him drop a meat fork on my hand because I didn't think it would hurt.
- "Mmmmmm...this smells awesome! What is it? Is it a lime or a lemon?
"I don't know, I heard it was a lime, but it's like, yellow like a lemon."
"Well, the inside is light green, like a lime." *squeezes the fruit, smells* "Ya, it smells like a lime."
"Well then why is it yellow?"
*takes fruit segment and pops it into mouth, sucking a bit, then pulling it back out*
"Definitely a lime."
*sous chef walks up*
"What are you doing with chef's lime?"
"This is chef's lime?"
"Ya. It came from France. Haven't you seen him putting pieces in his water?"
*puts lime back on counter and walks away*

My job is pretty cool, I guess.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

"And I find it kinda funny
I find it kinda sad
The dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had
I find it hard to tell you
Cause I find it hard to take
When people run in circles it's a very, very
Mad World..."
-Tears for Fears

Dude, what are you doing? You look like a total douchebag in that uniform.

Kevin and I got off of work early last night, stopped by the store for some 40s and plopped down in front of ESPN News. I scrambled to load "Oh happened," I said. "What?" Kevin asked, leaning over my shoulder. "He did it, he's a fucking Met." Kevin dropped back in his chair. "Wow...I'm sorry, Bella. Hey, look at me." I turn around in my chair. Kevin was sitting with his can of beer extended toward me, his face screwed up into an expression of regret and comiseration. "I'm sorry, for real, that sucks." We clinked beer cans together and I shrug, cause I can't really think of anything to say.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

I've been mulling the idea of making an "I'm Sick Of Curt Schilling" post for a couple weeks now, but never have gotten around to it because a) I have no time, and b) it's sort of heretical and I know that people wouldn't be down with the sentiment. But then I read this on Dirtdogs this morning:

Quote re. Pedro Martinez's special treatment: "Those were his own rules. They had been established and in place before I got here. Before Terry got here. He was allowed to do those kind of things and that was something that... yeah, that is different than other players. But, what are you going to do? There was a precedent established before we got here, and it was OK with everybody and hey, the media didn't have a problem with it. So I guess as players it was not up to us to have a problem with it. The fans let it go, and, there's definitely different standards, which I was surprised to see given the passion here. That players are cut a lot of different slack in a lot of different scenarios and situations, but I also again wasn't here for the seven years prior, I didn't get a chance to see up close the things he had done for this city and this team as a performer."

Mistake #1: I actually read Dirtdogs. I hardly ever do, and the reason is that I can't take the hypocrisy and pettiness of whoever it is that runs that site.

Mistake #2: I'm about to say some things totally out of anger and bitterness because Pedro is leaving.

Mistake #3: Who in the fuck do you think you are, Curt Schilling? I'm tired of you trying to talk for everyone else. You just got here, buddy. You came here because you thought the rivalry was a cute, fun, challenging little game you could play. Before you signed with the Sox, you were also considering signing with the Yankees. You only came here so you could play the hero and stoke your already out of control ego. You're like the kid in class who is appointed to watch everyone while the teacher runs off to take a shit, and then actually makes a detailed report on who threw spitballs at the chalkboard when the teacher comes back. Why don't you shut your big mouth for once. Oh. And you're a Republican. *vomits in mouth*

There. I said it. I don't like Curt Schilling. I'm ecstatic that the Sox won the World Series, please never doubt that. And I'll never downplay the role the guy had in the post season. But that doesn't mean I have to like him.


What. The. Fuck.

On Saturday night we hear that Pedro is right on the verge of putting pen to paper and resigning with the Sox. Sunday morning, our computer crashes and we lose internet access (not to mention every music file and saved picture on our hard drive.) Monday night, after an hour long phone tutorial on reinstalling drivers conducted by some Indian dude outsourced by Dell for just these purposes, I fire up Internet Explorer only to see "Pedro Headed to Mets."
Why is this happening to me?
Apparently the Mets offered Pedro a four-year, $56 million dollar deal, which the Sox refused to respond to, and rightly so since that is the most INSANE FUCKING THING I HAVE EVER HEARD OF. Allow me to enumerate:

1) Pedro is ours. He just is, goddamnit. Shea stadium is like one big fucking concrete toilet bowl. Seeing Pedro pitch in Shea stadium is going to be like finding an 18k gold ring at the bottom of the grease trap in the dish tank at work. It just isn't right. I don't need proof. It's just not.

2) Pedro's shoulder is held together with scotch tape and bubble gum. In scientific terms, the dude has a labrum that could be up to 90% torn. Think it's just a rumor? Then why else would Pedro be asking if he really has to take an MRI for the Mets' physical. And the Mets are actually thinking this idea over. Is it opposite day or something? Is this some cosmic joke that everyone else in the universe is in on and just forgot to tell me about?

3) Pedro really stuck it up the Sox's ass by acting like he was soooooo close to resigning, only so that he could go running to Oh-Man Minaya with the already stupid offer the Sox agreed to in an effort to get more money so brazen that it borders on prostitution. Now the Sox appear to be up shit creek with a turd for a fucking paddle. Only a very creative and very prospect-expensive deal can bring us Tim Hudson. That pantywaist Carl Pavano went running to the MFYs, which isn't too upsetting but still, that's one less option. Matt Clement is still available but will probably be overpayed. Who else? Odalis Perez? Derek Lowe??

4) I'll miss you, Pedro, even though it's going to take me awhile to wrestle this knife out of my back. My favorite memory of Pedro is from September 2003, when Mike and I went up to Cleveland to watch him pitch against the Indians. It was the bottom of the seventh inning, bases loaded, two outs, everyone in the Jake going nutty. Grady makes a visit to the mound, chats with Pedro a second or two, slaps his ass and waddles away. Pedro rears back...and strikes the guy out swinging. Fucking beautiful. There's nothing else I can say.

And, as if any more havoc could be wreaked upon my happy little baseball Nirvana, there's this little rumor: Manny + Mientkiewicz + cash to the Mets (a-fucking-gain) for Cliff Floyd. Cliff Floyd. Ya. CLIFF FLOYD. So let me get this straight, Powers That Be: No more Pedro? No more Manny? What the fuck reason will I have to get out of bed in April???

If you'll excuse me, I will be going through the twelve stages of grieving now.

Saturday, December 11, 2004

The Sox have reached terms with David Wells, a.k.a. Boomer, a.k.a. "The Man Who Hates Fenway," pending on the results of a physical scheduled for Tuesday. The deal is reportedly for two years at a guaranteed $8 million, with performance bonuses tacked on. Wells has a .500 record pitching at Fenway with a 4.78 ERA, which is eh. *shrugs* But he does have an excellent record against the Yankees (16-8 with a 2.94 ERA.) Personally I've never really despised David Wells with the intensity that I've hated some other people who have been/are Yankees, even though he does bear a striking resemblance to Mr. Belvedere. But it is kind of fucked up that a guy who has run his mouth about hating Fenway park so much would be willing to turn around and pitch there. Then again, what hasn't Wells run his mouth about? It's an interesting move, and if Wells can stay healthy and relatively in shape (two big "ifs,") things should pan out.

Resigning Petey seems imminent, seeing as how the Sox gave in and offered him a guaranteed third year. Now they just need to come to terms on money. Pedro is asking for $14 million a year. That's a lot of fucking money for a guy who may or may not be in the twilight of his career and who landed face-down on the prison shower floor several times last year, assaulted by just about every team in the AL East. But hey, it's Pedro.

Carl Pavano is still trying to make up his mind. If you read the Herald, he's leaning toward the Sox. If you read the NY papers, he's leaning toward the Yankees. I bet if I had the time and/or inclination to read the Detroit papers, they would say he was leaning toward the Tigers. Bottom line is, nobody knows. But what if the Sox ended up with a Schilling/Pedro/Wells/Pavano/Arroyo rotation? Sweet Jesus.

And the Sox are said to be interested in SS Edgar Renteria. What the hell is wrong with Little Buddy, I ask you! Let's bring Little Buddy back. I like the guy. I like his little afro and his big elf ears. He's like a little South American Keebler elf with a .835 zone rating who just happens to get clutch hits, even if his swing is sometimes whack unto the point of being violently off-target. Is Edgar Renteria more open to signing a two-year contract or something? And what's this I've been hearing about Julio Lugo being in the mix? Renteria is a crybaby, and Julio Lugo pretty much sucks. Me want Cabby.

Friday, December 10, 2004

Winter bites. Posted by Hello

Why, you ask?

1. No baseball. Not even any baseball news so far, except for the Mentai signing (good move) and the Yankees signing Jaret Wright (who gives a shit. Dude has a less-than-stellar 7.88 ERA vs. Boston and has never gotten a win against them...not to mention his 0-2 record against the frickin Blue Jays with an 11.70 ERA. But maybe those numbers were from back when he was with the wait, wasn't he supposed to be good back then?)

2. Work. For those who are blessedly uninitiated to the food service industry, the holidays are the busiest time of the year in most cities. Everyone and their fucking grandma is going out to dinner to celebrate. Offices are having their Christmas parties. Families are coming into town who need to be entertained. This means 55-60 hour, 6-day work weeks for yours truly. Don't get me wrong, I love the cash. And I love my job. But when you go to work at 12 in the afternoon and don't get home until after ten o'clock at night, it doesn't leave much room for things like "christmas shopping," "cleaning the house," "doing the laundry," "making the blog entries." All it makes room for is piling a bunch of smelly, stressed out line cooks in your living room, buying 40's from the convenience store across the street, and playing videogames all night long until you inevitably get too drunk and start an arguement about work which gets everyone pissed off and causes one of your sous chefs to leave the house abruptly after threatening to bash a bottle over a cook's head. Merry Fucking Christmas.

3. Did I mention no baseball? Football is cool, but it's not baseball. Not by a long shot. I have been enjoying this football season, however, especially this past week since the Bengals are set to play in New England this sunday. There is absolutely no end to the trash talking. People here actually think that a) the Bengals are a "dangerous team" right now, b) they're on a "roll" now that they finally got their first road win against a winning team since 1990. That's right. 19-fucking-90. and c) they stand a very good chance of handing the Patriots their first loss at home in something like two years. They stand a snowflake's chance in HELL of winning that game, and I stand a very good chance of getting drunk for free at the bar that day since I will be winning all of my friends' money.

4. Our heater is broke. And the landlord wants to know when she's going to get the rent check. Ya, right. You'll get the rent check when the Bengals beat the Patriots.

5. I was going to keep going with this list, but now I have to go to work, please see #3 for cross referencing purposes.

6. Sign Petey.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Today is the last day for the Sox to offer free agents arbitration, and they are expected to do so with Varitek, Pedro, Cabrera and DLowe. Larry Lucchino and John Henry are scheduled to make a visit to Pedro in the Dominican tomorrow - this is supposedly more of a "social" call than an effort at contract negotiation, as it is unclear whether Pedro's agent will be attending this little get together. The Sox also want to stop in and visit Big Dada as well.
This reminds me of one of my favorite Manny stories, when a coach stopped by to visit him at home and Manny wouldn't let him in. What's the deal with the off season visit thing? I would be totally pissed if the buzzer to our apartment rang on a sunday and it was chef downstairs, wanting to drop by for a visit. We'd probably be sitting around in our pajamas with dirty, messy hair, drinking at a ridiculously early hour in a semi-dirty living room, which would confirm chef's suspicions that two of his lead cooks are huge scumbags. I don't blame Manny. I wouldn't let the guy in, either.
The Cubs are rumored to be close to signing a one-year, $8 million dollar deal with Nomar. So next year, when the Sox go to Wrigley Field for interleague play, Nomar will probably be on the opposing team. Weird, huh? The Sox are also returning to Busch Stadium next June, and I'm sure everyone will be real happy to see them back there. Since I've got mad family in St. Louis, I'm going to try to get tickets to that series, and maybe even take in a game in Chicago. If I haven't moved to Maui by then, but that's a post for another time.

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Ever had one of these days at work? Posted by Hello

Everything went wrong for me today. Up to and including dropping ELEVEN orders of sea bass for a party in the upstairs suites. And not just dropping them - oh no - dropping them ALL OVER my mise en place. I had to re-boil and re-slurry my veal jus, throw out my parsley, rosemary, salt and shallots, and drain and refill my steam well. All in the middle of a rush. In addition to cleaning up the sea bass everywhere. It looked like a fucking fish grenade blew up on my station. My only saving grace was that chef wasn't down in the kitchen at the time, but then as he was headed out the door I had to go an apologize: "I'm sorry about that sea bass, sir," I say. "What sea bass? What happened?" chef asks. Shit. Now I have to tell him when I could have just let him walk out the door blissfully unaware that I had taken a huge crap on his food cost for the week. Asi es la vida.

But I did have a good conversation earlier in the shift while we were downstairs butchering sole. We were trying to come up with the "All-Done" roster, comprised only of baseball players who have formerly been great but who are now all washed up. This is what we came up with:
starting pitcher: Kevin Brown
catcher: Mike Piazza
1B: Jason Giambi
2B: Robbie Alomar
SS: Nomar Garciaparra
3B: we couldn't come up with one, but Ken Caminiti got an honorable mention
DH: Mo Vaughn
LF: Barry Bonds (perhaps a little premature)
CF: Ken Griffey Jr.
RF: Sammy Sosa
Coach: Joe Torre
Any additions to this list are welcome.

I have to go fire up the playstation and start a gang war while slowly but surely drinking myself to sleep in a feeble attempt to forget that today ever happened. Goodnight.

Friday, December 03, 2004

I feel like I have been doing a poor job of keeping up with this blog for the past week, but the truth is that it's very hard to get me away from my PlayStation2 these days ever since I picked up a copy of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. This game is like my own personal CandyLand: Car-jackings. Hold-ups. Drive-bys. Gang-related violence. Muggings. Picking up hookers. Beating crackheads with baseball bats. ::wipes tear from eye:: I love America.

I did read today, however, that the Sox and Tek seem to be getting closer to working out a deal. The latest offer from Boras is still a five-year deal, but with the provision that the contract can be voided after four years if Varitek is injured and unable to complete a certain number of plate appearances or games played. This would seem to satisfy the Sox, who were extremely reluctant to give Varitek a five-year deal. Now if only the two sides can meet in the middle with money - Tek wants $11 million per year, and the Sox are offering $9.

Personally, I would absolutely love to have Tek back, assuming that the Sox can get the contract right. I don't even think I knew how much I would have missed Tek until I read that article in the Herald and felt an actual wave of relief wash over me. Having Tek is definitely better than any other option on the market, or any other option within the Sox organization, for that matter. Kellie Shoppach is getting some extra playing time for Escogido in the Dominican Leagues this year, but by all accounts is still not ready to face major league pitching. Mirabelli is signed on for the next two years, but the Sox have said they have no intent on making him a starter. Tek is the one player on the team whom I wouldn't mind seeing get overcompensated. (I would say Manny, too, but he's already being overcompensated.)

The telenovela that is the 2004 Pedro Martínez sweepstakes is still showing nothing in the way of true progress. I'm assuming that now that the Yankees are seemingly out of the running for Randy Johnson, they may begin to seriously go after Sweet P. Sox are still standing firm at a three-year offer, which is good, because in four years Pedro will probably have about 2% mobility in his right shoulder cuff and will have to get his wife to pour the milk over his cereal for him in the morning.

Oh, and Jason Giambi and Barry Bonds were using steroids! I bet nobody could see that one coming. Wow. What a shocker. And all this time I just thought Giambi had "redistributed" his weight last year and that it was totally normal for men in their late thirties to still have skull growth...what was I thinking? Boy, they really pulled the wool over my eyes. Guess they'll just have to let Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron keep their names up at the top of baseball's most holy and sacred record, which for decades has been reserved for only the best and most amazing players, and not chemically engineered cheaters. Damn. What a shame.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

The Red Sox reached an agreement on a two-year, $3 million dollar extension with Doug Mirabelli the other day. The contract will double if Mirabelli is used as a starting catcher. Why would Belli stay in Boston for $1.5 million a year when he could get much more elsewhere?

-"Doug's experience in the New England area - his love for his teammates and from playing in Boston - made him decide to stay there,'' agent Dan Horwits said last night from Los Angeles. "Just his experience with winning the World Series and the joy of celebrating that win with his teammates helped convince him.''

Hmmmm. Refreshing, isn't it? Too bad other people didn't feel this way.