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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

So Pedro met with Steinbrenner.

It makes me want to puke into my own Nikes. Just the fucking thought...the mere idea of Pedro in pinstripes makes me feel physically bad. No shit.

But let's get this straight, Pedro. It's not because I still think that you're the team ace. If the Sox land Pavano or Hudson and resign you, effectively you would be a No. 3 starter. Schilling is the ace now, and we know it, and everyone else knows it. Ya, we can argue this point, but let's face it - let's be honest with each other here, papi - you ain't what you used to be. Which isn't to say that you're not still good, that you don't still have those moments where the hairs raise up on my arms and the back of my neck tingles because I know that when I just saw you throw that last pitch, I was watching true, real, badass mastery...but it's just not the same anymore. I mean, the D-Rays beat you...what next, the Mariners?? There are better pitchers than you in the world, but this isn't business - it's personal.

No single person on the team has caused me as much pathos as you this year, Pedro. The first game of the season, when you hit David Segui and then proceeded to go after the next guy's knees and I was out-of-breath stunned because it seemed like you had lost control - something I've never seen before. That game out in Anaheim when Vladdy owned your ass. That gem you pitched against the Twins. The opposing pitcher was Johann Santana. He had twelve strikeouts, you had was like some torch was being passed. Fast forward to Game 2 of the ALCS...Tek kept coming out to the mound, talking to you...I wonder what he was saying. Nothing looked like it was coming easily, but you worked your ass off. You left your heart out there. Pitch by pitch, out by out, a Heruclean struggle, and usually you make everything look so easy, like the game is just a little errand you have to run before you get on to the rest of your day.

I felt like I was watching you lose it all......Only to turn around and watch you win it all.

Schilling might be the "ace" now. Whatever. For me, it's always going to be you, Pedro. You're the heart of this team. Schilling is just a hired gun. Sure, he's a great pitcher, but I'm never going to root for him like I do for you. I'll never have his baseball card hung up on my station. I'll never fantasize about seeing his number hanging over right field. Even if you have trouble ekeing out a win against pretty much any team in the AL East these days. Even if you ended up essentially a third starter. Even if your ERA is 5.90 next year. I don't care. You are ours and we are yours. You need to retire with us. Even if your fucking arm falls off and the Sox are paying you $14 million dollars a year to work the cash register at the souvenier shop.

Please don't go. I'm not asking. I'm begging. Please.

edit: Yet...I understand it. Pedro's agent contacted Steinbrenner and set up the meeting...does this mean that Pedro actually wants to be a Yankee? Probably not...more likely scenario: no one is expressing much interest in him after the deal the Sox offered and Pedro and his agent are merely trying to drum up business. Dude, just take the fucking offer already. You and your duct-tape-and-bubble-gum arm are not going to get a guaranteed three or four year deal at $14 million per, aight? Jeez.....Don't you fucking do this to me, Pedro!