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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

So the Hot Stove begins. Several members of the World Champion Red Sox have already filed for free agency: Orlando Cabrera, Jason Varitek, Derek Lowe, Doug Mirabelli, Dave McCarty, Pokey Reese, Scott Williamson, Gabe Kapler, Pedro Astacio, Ramiro Mendoza, Mike Myers, Terry Adams and Curtis Leskanic, whose 2005 option was declined by the Sox. In fact, the only player not to have declared free agency yet is Pedro, and I would say that event is only a matter of time. Oh, and Ricky Gutierrez, but who really cares.
According to the Boston Herald, Pedro has been offered $25 million over two years, which is honestly more money than I expected Theo to offer him, but I know that Pedro is going to balk at the contract length. I don't think there would be anything wrong with at least a team option for a third year thrown on there or something, I mean Pedro might not be the Pedro of '99 but he is still at the very least a demi-god. The guy has said repeatedly that he knows he doesn't have many years left in him, and neither does he want to be playing baseball into his forties, so it probably won't take that many more years for him to retire... and don't we all want to see that happen in a Sox uni instead of, gasp, one with more stripes than just the red piping down the leg? The thought of Pedro in another uniform literally makes me sick to my stomach. That said, it is my personal opinion that if he doesn't stay with the Red Sox (please stay, Petey, please stay,) that he will be going to the National League, but that's just me.
Cabrera is another guy that I would like to remain with the team, but it's very likely that he will be too expensive to retain. Which sucks, but the length of contract that the Sox might be offering probably won't be to his liking anyway - with shortstops Hanley Ramírez and Dustin Pedroia nearly ready for the bigs the Sox just need someone to fill the hole for a year or two...I'm thinking Pokey Reese, although everyone seems to think he's going back to the Reds to replace Barry Larkin. (I have opinions about the Reds letting Barry Larkin go, but those type of things are better discussed on Scott's blog.)
And how about this bullshit? Varitek to the Yankees, who will trade Posada for Randy Johnson? What the fuck? No comment. Absolutely no comment. I mean, it's bad enough that the Yanks are expected to agressively chase Pedro, but Tek? And they're going to sell off one of their few (and I mean very few) remaining home-grown players to get him? What, is New York going to become South Boston or something? Damn that's fucked up. I've heard of bandwagon fans, but never bandwagon management.
Derek Lowe can go play for the Tigers or the Rockies or wherever he ends up. I could get sentimental and remember all the great starts that he made in the post-season, and they were great, but then I have to also remember all the fucking implosions that guy had on the mound during the regular season and how frustrating it was to watch in that vein I say "bye, bye Derek." So help me god if they go through this entire negotiating thing and the only free agent that gets signed is Derek Fucking Lowe then I'm going to have a 16-hour standoff with police from my fire escape.
Anyhow, that's all I have time for this morning. I have to go excercise my rights as an American citizen and vote down at the public library, in addition to several other errands I have to run before work. So adios, y hablamos mas tarde.