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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Quick entry today, cause I gotta run off to work. But:
1) Felicidades a Manny y Big DaDa for winning Silver Slugger awards this year. They are both currently in Japan playing an All Star exhibition series. Ortiz has said that he probably will not be playing in the Dominican winter league this year because he needs to rest his shoulder - I'm assuming this is the shoulder that he kind of fucked up doing that god-awful and ill-advised slide into homeplate late in the season. (ahemDaleSveum)

2) The Sox have reportedly set up a meeting with Orlando Cabrera's agent. I'd love to have Little Buddy on the team for another couple years, but I think he's going to want top dollar. As David Banner said: "Get your muthafuckin' money."

3) Only a day after filing for free agency, Pedro Martínez and agent have been getting "substantial interest" from several teams, none of which were named. According to Listín Diario, Pedro is looking for a contract somewhere along the lines of $39 million over three years, which honestly - all sentimentality aside (and believe me, I have a lot when it comes to Pedro) - that is too fucking much. We got all banged up last night and were watching a tape of a 2003 game we have which Pedro started, and he wasn't even the same Pedro back then, but he looked better than he did at just about any point this year. If I'm honest with myself and don't let the fact that Pedro is like my hero get in the way, $13 million is too much for a six-inning pitcher who just isn't as effective in the AL East as he used to be.

4) Should things not work out with Pedro, and everyone is already assuming that they won't work out (or even attempt to BE worked out) with Derek Lowe, there is talk going around that the Sox are interested in Brad Radke and Carl Pavano as replacements. The Sox paid Pedro and DLowe $23 million last year and believe they can get Radke and Pavano for cheaper. Not a bad Plan B, if you ask me.

And on that note, I have to go.