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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Pedro and his mujer share their love of big, clunky sunglasses together while pondering new and inventive ways for Pedro to be an ingrate little bitch. Posted by Hello

This shit is getting ridiculous.

Apparently the Sox have given in and upped their offer to Pedro - either monetary adjustments or they have added on a guaranteed third year. Meanwhile there are rumours going around that the Yankees have upped their offer as well (they made an inital offer? When did this happen?) to four guaranteed years. I mean, that contract is so ludicrous (yet so typically Yankees) that I almost wouldn't mind if it went down since it would probably end poorly for New York. But, like I said, that is all just conjecture. Supposedly these negotiations are supposed to be taking place in private. The Sox officials have expressed irritation over the information leaks, which leads me to speculate that it might be Pedro himself, via his agent, that is putting the word out in another pathetic attempt to drive up his price.

Theo should not be giving in to Pedro's little mind-fuck games. If Pedro really wants to go to the Yankees, then let him. There is a little phrase we coined at work for people that deliberately make bad decisions for themselves because they secretly want to be miserable and/or controversial: it's called making an "Achey Breaky Bad Mistakey." Pedro going to the Yankees would certainly qualify as an Achey Breaky Irreperably Damaging Mistakey, but if that's what he wants then so be it. I'm tired of hearing about the shit. Way to twist the knife in my fucking back, asshole.

Oh, and Manny's wife is prettier. So there.