The Boston Red Sox: Defenders of the 2004 World Championship!! "Whoever plunges into his experiences with the momentum of hope, will remember so that he cannot forget." - Soren Kierkegaard.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

I don't know who body-snatched me and replaced the normal "bitter, angry, rage-prone" me with "optimistic, cheerful, warrior-like" me overnight, but goddamnit, one loss hasn't stopped me from believing in this team.

And let me preface this entry by saying that if you're expecting an insightful analysis of last night's game, then you came to the wrong place since a) I didn't get home from work until the sixth inning and b) I was playing Final Fantasy VII on my little tv right next to the big tv because I've found that if I can distract myself slightly I don't get so angry and I don't yell at the tv as much and I don't piss my husband off as much.

I'm inclined to (holy shit!) agree with Harold Reynolds for once in my life when he said that last night's game was pretty much all-around sloppy. With the one (big) exception of the six and a half perfect innings pitched by Mike Mussina, the pitching and defense aspect of both team's game was pretty slip-shod. For example, methinks perhaps Manny spent more time practicing in the batting cages and not enough time shagging fly balls. And my worst fears were realized when it became obvious that Schilling is in a lot more pain than he would admit. And if Schilling has to come out, then D-Lowe would have to come in, and ay ay ay...

Jonathan called me after the game and said, "I can't believe they lost! That sucks! Are you pissed?" I considered. Then I realized, no. I'm not pissed. For one thing, I never expected the Sox to sweep the Yankees, and for another thing, they can even lose two more games and still win the series. Plus, as soon as Mussina made one mistake, the Sox started to bang at the door again and turned the game from a perfect pitching performance by the Yankees into a one-run game in just over an inning. Fucking brilliant. If it weren't for Tim "Please Don't Put Me Anywhere Near A Baseball For the Remainder of This Series" Wakefield, the last run they scored might have been the go-ahead run.

Bottom line is, this team didn't give up, and I'm not giving up on them. Pedro Martínez, a.k.a. Sweet P. a.k.a. Sarah's Idol is pitching tonight, and I have every reason to believe that he's going to be great. Then we've got the Kid going on Friday at Fenway. I know it's uncharacteristic, but I'm optimistic. Never say die.

p.s. I just took my morning stroll through the on-line newspapers, and I am officially Infinitely Sick of hearing about the "Yankees are my daddy" thing. SICK TO FUCKING DEATH. In fact, I'm going on a newspaper boycott. That shit is really fucking old, and we've been having to hear about it over and over again for the past month, and it made me sad enough the first time around. So there.