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Monday, September 20, 2004

The venerable veteran. Posted by Hello

Okay, it's a new day. No use crying over spilt milk, right? Turn the page. Find the silver lining....ummm, what would that be? At least the Sox didn't get shut out? At least they didn't get swept? The win on Friday was still a thing of amazing beauty which reaffirmed my reasons for being in love with baseball and with the Boston Red Sox?
I'm refusing to get negative. For once.
I mean, for one thing, the Sox have gotten incredibly lucky seeing as how the Angels have been losing just as much as the Sox have been lately, allowing the Sox to maintain a 5 game lead in the Wild Card race. For another thing, I'd rather the Sox get their little slump out of the way now instead of during October. For another thing, I have a hard time looking at the last two games as anything but a complete and utter aberration from the norm. I mean, how many times can you expect to see an outing like that from Pedro Martínez? Even though I didn't watch Saturday's game since I was at work, it seemed uncharacteristically shitty even for Derek Lowe. And I am of the mindset - no matter how ignominous that this sounds - of preferring to see the Sox win the Wild Card rather than the division and thusly face the Oakland A's in the first round of the playoffs rather than the Twins, who have scarier pitching. I know it's kinda fucked up sounding, but that's just the way I am thinking. It would be nice to win the division, but it would be infinitely sweeter to finish the job that Grady Little botched last year and defeat the Yanks in the post season. In my mind.
So tonight we have Tim Wakefield against the dreaded Baltimore Orioles. The Sox need to work the kinks out and get their shit together, especially the slumbering offense. And if anyone in the entire fucking world is due for a win it's Tim Wakefield.