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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Rally cuff for Wakey tonight. Posted by Hello
I'm over last night's game. I've put it behind me. As Manolito is so fond of saying, I've turned the page. A new game dawneth, and I'm fresh and full of optimism once again.
I checked out the lineup and it looks hot to trot, and if there was anybody ever ripe for giving up a whole country shitload of runs it's Brazelton. Lest I get too cocky, it should be duly noted that it could just as easily be Wakefield that gives up all the runs, but my ultra-scientific and reliable Gut Feeling is good.
One hour until game time. I'm watching one of the most fucked-up/stupid movies ever, Altered States, drinking Milwaukees Best Ice out of a can, and flipping through the "mejor y peor vestido" edition of People en EspaƱol. Please, don't be jealous of my glamorous, jet-set lifestyle.
Go Red Sox!