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Monday, September 27, 2004

Los Medias Rojas fueron los ganadores esta fin de semana - whoopeeee! Y Manny - ay, que lindo! Posted by Hello

Two consecutive shower-rapes for the Yankees, nothing could make me happier. Nothing, that is, except if Tito hadn't gumped out on Friday and left Pedro on the mound in the eighth inning, after which Pedro subsequently browned his pants and had a complete mental breakdown on ESPN which I watched with a measure of dismay tantamount to a five-year old learning that there isn't really a Santa Claus. But aside from watching one of my heroes publically shame himself and break my heart all at the same time, things are going well.
I can't believe the season is almost over! Sunday was the last regular-season game at Fenway, with only seven more games left to play before the playoffs. Where did the summer go? Sox are in Tampa tonight, with Bronson taking the ball. Sox should clinch a playoff berth soon, too bad it didn't happen at home.
And does anyone else think this is kinda weird?