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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Let's throw a Petey Party! Posted by Hello
Here we go. The last hurrah. The final three weeks of the season (-where did the summer go???) Eight games left against the Orioles. Six against the Yankees. The Sox hold a 5 game lead in the Wild Card race but trail by three games in the division. Finally the Sox are where we all knew they should be - right in the thick of things when things start to matter. After a smoking-hot April, after three months of .500 baseball, after a month of invincibility, here they are, poised to make the final run for the post-season.
It's super fucking exciting.
Sox vs. Devil Rays, with Pedro on the hill. Mike and I both have the day off and will be able to watch it live. I ask you - does life get any better than this??