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Thursday, September 02, 2004

The Broom is locked and loaded. Posted by Hello
I almost feel like I'm asking too much of the baseball gods - perhaps I'm being too greedy. I have to put the broom up, I just have to. But is nine in a row asking to much?
I say Fuck No.
After having watched the Sox drop 2 of 3 to the Colorado Rockies, after watching them get swept by the evil pinstripers in July, after watching Pedro give up a kazillion, trillion runs against the Angels way back before the All-Star break, after watching Derek Lowe implode unto White Dwarf status against the Atlanta Braves, I say we're all getting what we, as loyal, diehard fans, deserve: a team of fucking Warriors who come out and play-ay, that don't take no for a goddamn answer and who aren't afraid to get in the ring and bash a few metal folding chairs off of some skulls.
Last night's game was brilliant. Arroyo blows a 5-run lead in two and two-thirds innings, erasing a great first inning's work by Damon (single,) Bellhorn (RBI double,) Manny (walk, run scored,) Ortiz (RBI single,) Millar (sac-fly,) and Cabby (RBI triple.) Terry Francona sees fit to bring out none other than Mike "Touch-Em-All" Myers and lo and behold, the bleeding is stopped. And the miracles don't stop there. Terry frickin Adams goes on to pitch two innings of sparkling long relief. What are they putting in the bullpen water cooler these days? Before Curtis "Ted-Nugent's-long-lost-third-cousin" Leskanic closed out the ninth the score had gone from 12-5 to 12-7, but let's not split hairs. Major props to the bullpen for holding off a very tenacious and deadly team.
Speaking of the Angels, I think you could throw a fucking BarcaLounger at homeplate and Vladimir Guerrero would swing at it. I'm a big Vladdy fan, but jesus. That man never met a pitch he didn't like. And the way his body moves around when he runs and bats makes him look like some sort of broken marionette - yet he's one of the baddest motherfuckers playing the game right now. Vlad, you're alright with me.
And did you see Andres Galarraga in the dugout?? Christ, that man is like 5 days older than dirt!
Anyhow, the Red Sox offense continues to roll over opponents' starting pitching like Hitler and Co. down the Champs-Elysees - i.e. largely unopposed. Many players with multi-hit games last night, including Bellhorn with two doubles, Cabby with a double and a triple, and Millar with a single and a three-run quadrangular. Final game of the series is tonight.
The Broom is out. I want it all.