The Boston Red Sox: Defenders of the 2004 World Championship!! "Whoever plunges into his experiences with the momentum of hope, will remember so that he cannot forget." - Soren Kierkegaard.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Well, today's game certainly lived up to my expectations as a pitcher's duel that the Sox would most likely lose. They put up a good fight, however. Cabrera hit a one-run homer on his first at-bat with the Red Sox, and Manny temporarily came out of his funk with a one-run shot of his own, but in the end it was their supposedly improved defense that let them down again. A fucked up relay of a sacrifice fly from Morneau (Cabrera pulled a "Manny" and kicked the ball away from him when he should have scooped it up) caused the go-ahead run to score in the eighth inning. Sox were unable to make anything happen in the ninth, even a little help from Nathan who hit the first batter he faced, Mark Bellhorn. (My husband and I both gave Nathan a warning "Hey!" that special players get when they get hit by a pitch, and accompanied Mark down to first base with applause for being a man about it. As Beth pointed out, his facial expression barely changed.) Cabrera swung at some bullshit and struck out, then Manny grounded into his three-hundred thousandth double play and that was all she wrote. It was too bad they had to waste all that excellent work from Petey, though - seven innings pitched, 9 hits, 2 runs and eleven strikeouts. Remy and Sean were bitching during the eighth about Pedro being pulled too early - after only 101 pitches - but if I were Francona I'd probably have done the same thing.
Intermittently during the game Mike and I would switch the channel over to the Cubs game to see Nomar, and let me tell you folks - it is an unnatural sight. But Nomar was a douchebag, and that's just life. Remy was talking during the game today about how Nomar was complaining that his achilles was giving him a lot of trouble and that he may even have to go on the DL in August to keep him in playing condition. He told Francona that he wouldn't be playing yesterday because he was too injured, yet when Lucchino called to tell Nomar that he was being shopped to the Cubs and that Lucchino had to know if he was healthy, Nomar answers : "Now I am." And we see him today in Wrigley Field, looking as healthy as can be. The guy was a douchebag, he looked absolutely miserable in the Red Sox dugout and frequently on the field, his defense was verging on terrible this year, as soon as he came back with the team they started to really suck and look lifeless...I never got a chance to see the real Nomar. When I started following the Sox with my husband, he was on the DL in 2001. And the 2004 version of Nomar was overrated at best. So I don't have the I-Grew-Up-With-Nomar nostalgia working for me, and I'm frankly glad he's gone.
Now as for Cabrera, Roberts and Mientkievicz, that remains to be seen. Cabrera looks like a brown version of one of those trolls that you used to put on the end of your pencils in grade school, but I realize that's no basis for judging a player's skills. Time will tell. Should be interesting.
Sox remain one game behind the Texas Rangers in the Wild Card standings. They will be facing the Tampa Bay Devil Rays starting tomorrow through Thursday. Ortiz dropped his appeal and began serving his five game suspension today. The next three out of four pitchers are lefties for the Sox, so it looks like as good a time as any.