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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

The weirdest (and most painful) burn I've ever gotten in my professional career. Posted by Hello
Unfortunately you can't see all the gory details in this picture, but trust me - it's gross. So I was super busy and had to fire five Dover sole all at once. I have three pans in front of me full of smoking hot (i.e. 400+ degree) oil. Two sole in one pan, shake and turn down the flame....two sole in another pan, shake and turn down the flame...stretching my arm to drop the final sole in the third pan, leaning slightly over, and bam - hot grease on my fucking ear. Nope, it's not too big. But holy mary mother of god did it hurt. And then tonight I popped the blister trying to get sweat off of my face by swiping it against my shoulder, so the rest of the night sweat was running into the open wound. What a fucked up way to make a living.
[Dave - tell me that karma doesn't exist!!! (I know you're enjoying this you sick motherfucker. I documented it just for you.)]
This is the second Sox game in a row I have been unable to watch. This time because I forgot to set the VCR before I left for work. (Guess who's sleeping on the proverbial couch! No sugar tonight in my coffee, no sugar tonight in my tea!) I was really hoping and praying that they would come back and get a W tonight - in my secret heart I was fearful of a slide after the miraculous past week and a half. I'll admit it. After Pedro's surprising L last night, I knew fear. Thank God Tim Wakefield didn't.
And how about my boy Cabby with a nine-game hitting streak. Not to mention Mike "Iron Eagle" Timlin. And what in the nightmare is up with Ortiz? My God. I'm starting to think Tito should switch him and Manny back now that Manny has remembered what he was supposed to be doing standing in the dirt with the funny-shaped stick in his hand once again.