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Monday, August 23, 2004

Urrrrbody on the team get tipsy! Posted by Hello

What a fucking amazing game. What a fucking amazing team. What a wonderful time to be alive. Just like that, the Sox have cut the MFY's lead in HALF in a week's time and have pulled themselves one game ahead of the Rangers in the wild card standings. Just like that I went from praying the Sox could eke out another wild card spot in the playoffs to gnashing my teeth in expectation of tasting Yankee flesh. Oh, that I had the faith of Timlin. "The Yankees have always been in my sights...The whole goal is to get to the playoffs, but what we want to do is win the AL East."
But, one game at a time.
Derek "Almost-Dependable-Again" Lowe took the mound last night against Freddy Garcia, the Sox going for a sweep of the ChiSox. The Sox came out early with three runs in the first thanks to a leadoff single by JD and back-to-back-to-back hits by Pebbles, BamBam and Tek. (My boy Cabby got a single in there, too, but was out later on a fielder's choice. Gotta give him his props.) Second inning - Mientkiewicz makes it 4-0 with his first homerun as a Boston Red Sox after making a terrific stop to save Lowe's ass in the bottom of the first. Then the bats go silent. Five innings and six strikeouts by Freddy Garcia go by, and meanwhile Derek Lowe's internal Doomsday Clock is ticking away. It's only a matter of time with this guy. A three-run homer in the fifth brings the score to 4-3. A two-run homer in the seventh takes Derek Lowe out of the game, having squandered the lead. The score, at the top of the eighth, is now 5-4, ChiSox.
My husband gets up to get a beer and notices what he thinks to be a leak in the ceiling over our kitchen sink. "I don't think it's a leak," I say. "Here, look-" Mike reaches for the Broom propped up against the closet door. "Don't touch the broom!!!!" I yell like a maniac. Mike looks at me like I've finally lost it for good this time. "The last time the broom was here the Sox swept the Jays, we can't move the broom now, you'll wreck the mojo." Mike shrugs and understands, and while he's getting a beer out of the fridge I say "They're going to score at least one run in this inning."
And sure enough, BamBam and Pebbles come to the Sox's rescue with their fourth set of back-to-back homeruns on the season. Sox lead 6-5. It's a beautiful thing. Not only are the Sox ahead, but I get to gloat. Yet it just wouldn't be the Red Sox if they didn't make it interesting. In the bottom of the eigth, Manny decided to do the left field cha-cha with an impromptu mud-mask at the end on a routine fly-out, allowing I think Carl Everett to get to second. And Timlin is on the mound now. Oh God, I can see what's going to happen. I can't watch. But this isn't the June/July version of the Sox. This is the new, improved team and Timlin didn't let us (or Manny, who looked like he wanted to crawl into a hole, cover up and die,) down. The Iron Eagle induced two fly-outs to end the inning and preserve the lead. Keith Foulke picked up an easy save and we went to bed happy.
Isn't life great?
Here's some pics of our Sunday pre-game activities - test driving our new baseball bat in the park. Dude, there's nothing like drinking beers and shagging flies in the sunshine.

Trip takes a hack with our brand new bat. Posted by Hello

Marquez, the next Manny Ramirez, takes some BP in the playground. Posted by Hello

My husband takes a beer break. :) I love this picture. Posted by Hello

Oh, and by the way - it was a leak in the ceiling. Ooops.