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Saturday, August 21, 2004

Manny and Cabby lead the way for a 10-1 Red Sox victory. Posted by Hello

The Bosox bashed the ever-loving shit out of Buerhle and the ChiSox yesterday, embarrassing them in front of friends and family and probably causing their wives to go sleep with other men.
Manny's second-inning grand slam (16th of his career which tied him with the likes of Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron for sixth most grannies of all time) put the game away early. Cabby's sixth inning three-run homer was icing on the cake, blowing the game open for good before he delivered the money shot - an RBI double in the ninth (that's right, his fourth RBI of the night,) to score the Sox's tenth and final run.
Schilling pitched an absolutely ridiculous game, giving up three hits over seven innings with six strikeouts and only throwing just over 80 pitches. Why my husband keeps dogging this guy is beyond me...
Other notable performances came from Ricky Gutierrez, with two hits and two runs scored, and Johnny Damon, with 3 hits and four runs scored.

Could it be? Is it April again? As of now the Sox have the same record as they did a year ago, and have gained four games on the faltering Yanks in a week. They trail the MFYs by 7.5 games, with six games left to be played against them. The Sox also remain in a tie for first in the wildcard standings with the Texas Rangers, who I predict will be unable to keep up this pace for too much longer. But can the Sox keep it up as well? I like to think they're just getting started!

And somebody PLEASE tell me that I dreamt this:

sweet sassy molassy! Posted by Hello