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Sunday, August 08, 2004

Let's throw a Petey Party! (Hey Raul, this picture is for you!) Posted by Hello

Brugal might not be the only fine Dominican product to get better with age - last night Pedro retired NINE out of the first ten Tigers he faced, SEVEN by way of the K. Sweet P. had eleven strikeouts in all through seven innings, with four hits, two earned runs, one wild pitch and one hit batter (Dmitri Young, but don't worry - Pedro hit him right on the spare tire, so no harm done, I'm sure.)
As for the offense --- Bam Bam is back (2 RBI!) but Pebbles is down with "flu-like symptoms" which probably include red, swollen eyes, dizziness, loss of concentration, coughing, and a strong urge to sit in front of an "I Love the 90s" marathon with a bag of Doritos and a liter of Moutain Dew Code Red. Elsewhere, Dave Roberts had a big night, showing up clutch with two ribbies of his own on a double and a sac-fly, and with his walk in the seventh and his basehit in the ninth he was able to get on base in every at-bat. Who would have thunk it? Kevin Millar was on base three times, scoring a run in the kind of weird seventh inning: Ennis gives up a walk to Roberts, then balks during Damon's at-bat. Ennis walks Damon, too and gets pulled out of the game for Al Levine who gives up three consecutive basehits. The last one is to David Ortiz, who, while trying to stretch a single into a double, gets caught in what I scored as a "Sac-Pickle" for lack of a better term, allowing Krapler to score from third while Ortiz tries to evade a rundown. Boom, a four-run inning, and any momentum the Tigers might have had completely disappeared. It was very nice to see the Sox playing a little small ball. And with Oakland and the Rangers both losing, the Sox are now one game back in the wild card standings. Whoop-la!
One bitch though, and I think I've read this many times in many other places, but for God's sweet sake, Tito AREN'T THERE ANY OTHER PITCHERS IN YOUR BULLPEN BESIDES TIMLIN AND EMBREE???? I'm starting to HATE those two guys. I mean what about Mendoza?? Remember when he was lights out for us a couple weeks ago? What about Terry Adams? What about Mike Myers? Just because Williamson is out (not for much longer, by the way) doesn't mean that there are NO other options. What's the deal? - it's like since Grady Little failed to put Timlin or Embree in during game 7, Tito's going to make sure he puts them in every opportunity he gets. What a pendejo.
And finally, I think that this story deserves to be told, in the event that the Sox should - gulp - lose today: my buddy Kevin at work is from Detroit and told me an amusing tidbit of information last night. He has a friend who is a sports whore - she goes to all the bars where all the baseball/hockey/football players hang out, depending on the season, and tries to sleep with them. Apparently she slept with a member of the Tigers rotation last year whose name she won't divulge and said that the guy like to have not one but TWO fingers stuck up his ass during sex. I mean, one isn't really all that unheard of - a little freaky, yes, but nothing beyond the pale. But two. Wow. No comment. Except that I'm going to say it's probably Bonderman.