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Friday, August 13, 2004

It's a three-peat Petey Party! Posted by Hello
Salud! Pedro breezes through his third consecutive double-digit-strikeout game, and his first complete game shutout in four years.
Talk about torture, though - the game came on at one o'clock today, the time at which I normally leave for work! Aaaaaaah! Having to leave the house in the middle of a game is definitely worse than working through the entire game. Especially when it's my boy on the mound!
Sox offense was clicking right along once again - even Manny got (gasp!) two hits today. When all was said and done, the Sox defeated the D-Rays 6-0 and Pedro ended up with 10 strikeouts.
This post is lame, but I've been working on this stupid blog a little (as you can probably see) and it has been nothing short of nightmarish and I can't bear to sit in front of the computer screen any longer, so apologies about the crappy post, apologies about the half-ass looking blog, it will all be righted soon.
And (goddamnit they did it to me again) Go Sox!