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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

It must be true love! Posted by Hello
Today is our second wedding anniversary. I posted a picture of my anniversary presents from Mike - two fun sets of baseball cards, a bag of Funyuns and a Manny Ramírez rookie card. My husband is the coolest ever!! We spent a good hour of quality time together looking through all the cards and found some real gems - a 1991 John Burkett card, a '96 Pedro card which unfortunately was post-mullet, and PumpFist's rookie card which, if it were softer and more pliable, I would gladly use as toilet paper.
And we both got a really cool present from the Red Sox tonight - a big. fat. W. Last year they lost to the MFYs on our anniversary, so I was kind of afraid that we were jinxed, but Manny wasted no time at all proving me wrong, blasting a three-run homer in the first inning and a single home run in the second in what ended up to be a 10-7 victory. Now mind you, it should have been a 10-3 victory, but Mike "Wheelhouse" Myers gave up three consecutive basehits followed by a grand slam in the ninth inning. Shout-outs to my boy Cabby, who was 2-4 with a run scored, and Bill Mueller, who played some fucking pristine defense. Oh, and Dave Roberts, who hit a three-run homer in the seventh. Who knew??
Meanwhile, the Yankees fell asleep at the wheel and did a 75 mile-an-hour waltz with the oncoming traffic that was the Cleveland Indians, getting shut-out to the tune of 22-0. For those of you keeping score at home, that brings the Sox within 3.5 games of first place in the AL East. Fuck the Wild Card. I want the goddamn division.
Sidenote - I hate hate hate Harold Reynolds. Is it like against his religion to say something - anything - nice about the Red Sox?? What an asshole. The Sox could have scored 35 runs, stolen 12 bases and cured cancer and that douchebag Harold Reynolds would still find something negative to say about them.