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Monday, August 30, 2004

I called it. Posted by Hello

Only I was a day premature. On Saturday I told Frakes that Bellhorn was going to hit a two-run homer during the game that night. "He's totally due," I said. So I was a day early - big whoop.
I wasn't able to watch all of yesterday's game (unless you count checking the score every twenty minutes on my cellphone "watching") because I spent the day with my parents. My dad and I had to take their waverunners from my mom and dad's boat slip to a boat launch about a mile and half upriver. It was around seven o'clock in the evening, under a beautiful, clear, late summer sky. The heat of the day had finally broken. The river was almost completely empty, and we were able to open the waverunners all the way up and just cruise right down the middle of the river like it belonged to us, skipping effortlessly over the smooth water. It might get hot again in September, and knowing southern Ohio we'll still have a couple more weeks of humid 80+ degree days, but for me, that moment yesterday was the end of the summer. Here comes autumn. America, I love you.
Oh, and um, did I mention that the Sox have pulled within 4.5 games of the MFYs and starting tomorrow will embark on the most important part of their whole season? Nothing - I mean NOTHING - beats September baseball. Except for October baseball, hehe.
Here comes autumn!!!