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Thursday, August 12, 2004

HAIRBALL. Posted by Hello
Okay, this is my last ditch rally effort. Fuck the rally cuff, that sort of went out last year with the "Cowboy Up" head-shaving thing, and I'm just clinging onto the name due to sentimentality. (Plus, the only person that can really wear the rally cuff with a positive result is John Frakes. My luck has run out, apparently.) My new thing: the Rally Videotape. Yup, it's as sad and desperate as it sounds.
See, my husband and I work second shift and are very rarely around to watch games as they actually unfold live, so we set the VCR and then come home and watch them from like 11-1 or so at night. And if something spectacular happens during a game we officially retire the videotape and label it and save it for that cold, January tuesday night when we're both bored and fiending for some baseball. For example, we have from last year (just off the top of my head) the game we attended in Cleveland in September when Pedro pitched, game 5 of the ALDS, and a tape simply labeled "Sox v. Mariners 8/03." (There are more but listing them all is boring and too nerdy even for me.) Anyhow, ya, the Sox/Mariners tape. It's a Sunday Night Baseball game, during that four-game sweep the Sox pulled off. It's nothing too spectacular, but Mike and I saved it because it just had this sort of......magic to it. It was like the first time that we really felt like things were going the Sox's way, that they were nearly untouchable. Everything seemed to come so easy. We smiled and laughed and high-fived during that game (which we got to watch live cause it was on a Sunday) and it was, well, magical.
So tonight we started watching the game WAY late, around 2:30 because we had friends over for chess and beer, and HOLY SHIT were the Sox hitting the cover off the ball way early. And during the game Millar happened to mention that very same series in August - and it was funny because I had been thinking that this game had a similar feel. Quite frankly, it was a blast to watch. Three runs in the first, five in the second and five in the third, not to mention Pedro looking gayer than ever with a red foam bat, Manny giving Dougie Alphabet a wet-willy, and the guest commentating by Lenny Clarke and Dennis Leary. (Normally Dennis Leary gets on my nerves, but just seeing Remy and Orsillo geek out so hard made it positively hilarious.) So, in that vein, I'm saving this tape. This one, magical moment out of two or so months when we haven't saved a single game, I'm going to save. Because it's really now or never.