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Friday, August 27, 2004

Another secret handshake. More hip thrusting. Posted by Hello
Pedro sort of reminds me of my station partner, Jonathan, who up until four months ago was on a year-long sexual drought, or what I call being a member of Club None. During that year he would stand around and hump the air a lot, like he was just instinctively driven to do it, even if he had no physical entity to be a willing participant. Every little handshake that Pedro has with other players involves him thrusting his hips around...and who could forget the little red bat incident? Surely a guy who makes 17.5 million a year isn't in Club None, but that's just what it made me think of. Incidentally, Jonathan and I have a fish station secret handshake but it involves no humping.
Anyway, the Sox beat the Tigers 4-1 last night. I was unable to watch the game as I was out on a very long, very emotional drinking binge with my aforementioned station partner, who just came back to work after taking a week off to grieve the loss of his brother. How about Bronson Arroyo though? That guy is en fuego. I feel much more confident with him on the mound than I do with Derek Lowe or even Tim Wakefield. It sucks that Bronson still has a losing record, since I think he is a much better pitcher than that.
So, the Sox start the season off with a smoking-hot April/May, then go into a horrible, mind-numbing, rage-inducing slump through June/July, and then get hotter than a two-dollar pistol through the month of August. What is hidden factor in this strange season? Nomar. Think about it: they start the season with Nomar on the DL and are playing like Drago from Rocky IV. Nomar comes back and all of the sudden the team looks turns into Apollo Creed - face down and twitching on the canvas. Now that he's been traded the Sox have turned into some sort of winning machine. Not to go all Shaughnessy about it. It's just something I noticed.