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Saturday, July 17, 2004

A trip to the Great American Ballpark. Posted by Hello

Pujols takes an at-bat. Posted by Hello

Me and Paulie in the beer line. Again. I'm incognito as a Cardinals fan. Posted by Hello

As you can see, Paulie and I went to the Reds/Cardinals game last night. It was a good time - go figure, the Reds bullpen blew a save. Danny Graves gave up a two or three run homer in the eighth...I don't remember exactly what it was because, as Paul said, we treated our bodies like amusement parks last night. But in any case, a good time was had by all, and we returned home happy and in time to catch the Sox game.
Petey was hot last night - he had great stuff and was routinely hitting 93/94 mph. Manny was completely out of the lineup last night due to his hammy...Is anyone else starting to get kinda nervous about this besides me? I mean, it was funny at first when it seemed like another one of his half-baked excuses to get out of the All-Star game, but now it's cause for concern. Especially since Ortiz did his best Milton Bradley impersonation and flipped out on the homeplate umpire, throwing a spectacular temper tantrum which started with Ortiz arguing balls and strikes, then getting ejected, then requiring three or four men to restrain him from beating the motherly shit out of the umpire, and finally ended with Ortiz throwing two bats out on the field and nearly hitting some game officials. This will surely result in a suspension, although how long remains to be seen. So...Manny and Ortiz BOTH out of the lineup? Yikes. Scary.
In any case, the Sox won 4-2 last night, with Foulke picking up another save. Wakefield vs. Colon tonight.