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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Rally cuffs for the Sox, July 6...Red Sox beat the A's 11-0. Posted by Hello

Photographic proof that the rally cuffs work!
I haven't made any posts this week because of the holiday and because our modem broke (again.) I've got a repair guy coming down here in about 15 minutes and guess what - the modem's working now. Ha! Not that I wanted to make a post after the game on Sunday, except maybe about how much I still hate Terry Francona and Derek Lowe. Mike and I were laying on the couch together on Monday watching the Reds/Cards game when my good friend Paulie calls and says "Dude, don't you think that the Sox could save money by just releasing Derek Lowe and buying a state of the art pitching machine?" Yes, I do. But that's all in the past.
Last night was a vintage 2003 performance - 11 runs scored (aome of which came with THE BASES LOADED!!! Have you ever heard of anything so crazy?? I mean, runs being scored with the bases loaded - that's cutting edge baseball, ladies and gentlemen!) Tim Wakefield 3-hit the A's over seven innings, while Mr. Lucky got his ass handed to him, including but not limited to 2 walks with the bases loaded. (That's called "pulling a Heredia" around our house.) Ortiz probably should have sat last night - he's pretty substandard against lefties and last night was a prime example - but that's the only real bitch I can come up with. For the first time in FOREVER my husband and I were actually able to have FUN watching a baseball game, another new concept.
I have to curtail this entry due to the imminent arrival of the repair man. Adios.