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Friday, July 16, 2004

Rally cuffs fail - Sox drop first game of second half to the Anaheim Angels, 8-1. Posted by Hello
I am really fucking tired of Terry Francona. 
It's weird - I had such a positive feeling right before the All-Star Break when the Sox won 5 in a row and were playing like we all knew they could...And in the span of one game I somehow feel like it's June again.  The Sox looked pretty shoddy last night, a combination of that simp Washburn having a good night and a couple stupid fucking moves on the part of Kevin Millar.  Johnny Damon had his 16-game hitting streak come to a bullshit end on a bad call from the first base umpire.  For some stupid fucking reason Cap'n Tito had Derek Lowe pitching instead of Pedro and, as usual, the wheels fell off Gidget's wagon.  (Unless the Sox can manage to score 6 runs in the first couple of innings, they are not going to win when Derek Lowe is pitching.  It's a fact.)  Can the Red Sox catch ANYONE stealing?  I mean seriously - Bengie Molina could fucking steal second on Varitek.  And not having Pedro pitch last night means that he will miss the Yankees series next week.  Quite honestly, this makes me want to throw my fucking computer monitor across the living room.  Terry Francona couldn't manage his way out of a wet paper bag!!
But it was just one game, right?  The second half can't possibly be as half-assed as the first half, I refuse to believe it.  There is still good baseball to be played!!