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Friday, July 23, 2004

One non-Sox related thing first:
I really appreciate those of you who leave comments on my blog (I know there's not many, but I still think it's cool) and I feel bad that I'm never around to respond to them.  I think that when most normal people are on the computer I'm at work (1-10 pm) and when I get home I watch the tape of that night's game and go to bed (around 2-3 am,) so I don't really keep normal hours.  So if you've left a comment on my blog and I haven't posted anything back, it's probably because I'm at work...maybe I don't even have to post a response, but I would like to be able to, and that's why I feel bad.  I know it's stupid and not a big deal, but whatever.  This is MY blog and if I want to waste a paragraph in useless apology and excuse-making then I'm allowed.
Okay, enough of that.  On to baseball.
First of all, I love my husband to death, he is the best, I'd do anything for him, but there is one thing he does that really irritates me.  He finds out the score of the game right when he gets home or gets off work, before he even has a chance to watch the tape of the game.  Personally, I like to just watch the game from the first pitch WITHOUT knowing the outcome.  I've even walked into the apartment and grabbed a towel from the bathroom, walked into the living room holding the towel in front of me so that I don't see the tv,  and then thrown the towel over the screen until the game is over.  I did this the other night and Mike was still trying to watch the game through the towel.  (Last laugh was on him, though, because when he went to peek at the screen he found out he was "watching" an A's game.)  So if I don't make it home before Mike, I'm going to learn the score of the game whether I want to or not, before I get to watch the game, and that's what happened with the first game of the double-header yesterday.  When I walked in the door I was told that they lost 8-3, and my motivation to watch the game was completely gone.  I was very excited about it, too, as it was Abe Alvarez's first major league appearance.
We did, however, watch the second game, which the Sox won 4-0.  Wakefield pitched a great game last night, going seven shut-out innings with five strikeouts, and I for one couldn't be happier.  Wakey is one of those players who give me a warm fuzzy, and I like to see him do well.
The top of the Sox's batting order completely sucked, going 0-for-one trillion, (worst offender:  Mark "Heroin" Bellhorn.  I hope everyone who was bitching on the Sox message boards about him never swinging at pitches is happy now, because last night he was swinging at EVERYTHING.)  The bottom of the batting order was hungry, however, and turned in a good performance - particularly Big Mac.  He had a great assist from left field, as well as going 2-3, while Kevin Youkilis had a two-run single and a homerun.  Even Ricky "I'm Hitting Below the Crespo Line" Gutierrez had a where the hell were BamBam and Pebbles last night??  Timlin and Embree closed the game out nicely, but the Sox still manage to lose the series, go figure.
BamBam Ortiz got a 5-game suspension for the bat incident, which is about what I was expecting.  He is appealing it, of course, so that he can play this weekend against the dirty pinstripers.
One more thing that pisses me off:  Why didn't Tito start Pedro Martínez on the first game after the All-Star break?????  I mean, it would have lined him up to then pitch to the Mariners, whom he absolutely owns, as well as the fricking Yankees.  Instead, The Face got all those starts.  What the hell is wrong with Tito?  What a fucking moron.