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Thursday, July 08, 2004

Oakland can't handle Billy Mueller's Shaolin Style as Boston brings tha mutha-fuckin ruckus! Posted by Hello

I didn't get home from work tonight until the bottom of the ninth, yet I was just in time to see the sweetest part of the action. With two outs in the bottom of the tenth inning, Johnny Damon scored from first on a double by Bill Mueller to win the game and complete the SWEEEEEEEEEP of the hated Oakland A's. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, assholes! (I'm still happily surfing a wave of vengefulness from seeing Oakland fans cheering when Damon and Jackson collided in the '03 ALDS.) The Sox are playing like it's April again!
The offense is officially en fuego, the defense has tightened up (except for Manny doing his worst Pele impersonation the other night,) and the man hugs are back. Obstacles still remain (Derek Lowe and Tito, not to name any names) but for now the Sox have their game faces on. And I'll admit it, I'm suckered in. I believe. I'm a hopeless, wobbling glob of emotional jello when it comes to the Red Sox. (And "Babe," I always cry at the end of that movie, but don't tell anybody.)
Next series is against the Texas Rangers, who are amazingly first in the AL West. The Face is pitching. Lowe is a train wreck of a human being. Hopefully he can keep the momentum going.
Trai la bullaaaaaaaaaaa!