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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Send in the clowns. Posted by Hello
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Okay, there are so many problems with this team right now that it is hard for me to single out any one problem as being worse than another...but I have decided to place most of the blame on Terry Francona. The Red Sox look absolutely face-down in the water right now, and Francona is doing nothing to motivate them outside of blabbing his normal drivel about how the team is about to turn the corner and if they keep on trying good things are going to happen blah blah blah. Face it - Francona is way in over his head on this one. This asshole couldn't manage his way out of a wet paper bag. I wish I had this asshole's cellphone number so that I could scream directly into his ear (or even his voicemail) about how much I hate his guts and what a shitty job he's doing.
- why is Brian Daubach in AAA instead of, say...Cesar Crespo? I mean, I know that Crespo has more versatility as a position player, but the man has absolutely NOTHING to offer offensively. At least when Dauber gets hot he gets hot. Crespo has never even been lukewarm.
- someone PLEASE fucking tell me why Kevin Millar is still in the fricking lineup every day. Hell, if Crespo is that important to the goddamn bench, why not just send Millar down to Pawtucket for Daubach??? Millar sucks at offense, he sucks at defense, and his little hair gimmicks aren't funny anymore. He just looks pathetic and desperate. I would shed nary a tear if the Sox just outrighted this guy or - better yet - somehow managed to package his worthless ass in some sort of trade for a player with a MODICUM of value to the team.
- speaking of Millar, surely we can find a better defensive first baseman. Ortiz is mediocre - at least he's no worse than Millar, is left handed and has a longer reach. But better yet, why not put Dave McCarty in the lineup on a regular basis for awhile, just to see how things work out. He can't be any worse than Millar at the plate, and he sure is a HELL of a lot better defensively. Or what about putting Youkilis at first when Mueller returns at third, and then having Bellhorn and Pokey platoon second....OR
- get Nomar the fuck off the team and let Pokey take over his rightful spot as Red Sox starting shortstop. I'm tired of seeing Nomar pouting and bitching and finding every little excuse to throw himself a pity party. Guess what Nomar, I DON'T feel bad for you. I hope that Theo is aggressively shopping that asshole for another bat, for another starting pitcher, for a pack of gum and a 32 oz. fountain drink, I don't care, just get him the fuck out of Boston. Pokey would've had it.
All that said...There are still some bright spots on the team. Manny and Ortiz are having phenomenal years. Schilling is doing great. The bullpen isn't quite the ungodly nightmare that it was last year. However, I don't hold much hope of a playoff berth at this point. Even without the reports of in-fighting that have been circulating on the internet, the Sox are lifeless at best.
It would be one thing if this team had been a dark horse to begin with, like if they were rebuilding or they had a lot of unproven players or something like that. But this team was built for October, and that's what makes their lackluster performance so unacceptable to me. I mean, last night we turned off the game in the middle and I went to go on some cathartic killing sprees on Grand Theft Auto, and I was thinking as I was playing that maybe if I just forgot the Yankees I could still enjoy the season just by focusing on the wild card race...but even that seems out of reach right now, even though the Sox are currently tied for first. I hate to say it, but I think I'm witnessing the beginning of a long, slow, painful end.